Featured: Felicity's 1 Year Milestone

This family is near and dear to my heart in many ways, but foremost, because they are the first clients I had the privilege to photograph through an entire journey of maternity through their daughter's first year milestone. After moving and restarting my business in 3 different locations, when we finally made Charlottesville home, I was eager to start truly building relationships with my clients. I got to stick with this couple as they navigated the excitement of awaiting their baby girl and then the awe and struggle that comes with new parenthood. I was able to watch little Felicity grow and develop her sparkle, then capture the birthday that celebrates just how amazing and hard that first year was and how many more joys they have to look forward to.

Now that is a beautiful journey to behold.

Just after their 6 month shoot, dad/husband Paul was deployed overseas for duty with the US Army. Anyone with military ties knows that these deployments are not easy on anyone, especially with a new baby at home. It was with great joy, however, that he was able to return home within days of both Valentines day and Felicity's first birthday. After all the milestones and holidays that he had to miss, mom/wife Bethany confided that she didn't want a big party or anything flashy, she just wanted to enjoy celebrating as a family again -- their own little party of 3. 

A talented cake decorator by hobby, Bethany made a beautiful cake for Felicity Jo, whom they playfully call JoJo when being silly or having fun. Add a few sweet birthday details to make her feel special and the rest was all about treating their little lady with kisses and letting her indulge that sweet tooth (she only has two, but they really must love sugar!). 

Sadly for me, this family now has new orders and will be moving away in June. It's so sentimental, though, that they will have these images of Felicity's first home, the connection they've formed there, and the beautiful area of Charlottesville that they grew to love for such a special season. I will definitely miss them but am so excited for their next steps and all that lies ahead for their growing family.

Baby plans have quickly become one of my very favorite things for just this reason; witnessing and capturing parents and children growing together like this is an incredible gift. I provide the photographs that peek into that life, but these clients also honor me with the gift of doing so. 


Hair clip - OneLittleHippo

Necklace - Avannabel Baby

Party Hat - LaLaLolaShop

Felicity's dress - Nordstrom Rack


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