Featured: Front Yard Session with the Petersons


A Front Yard Family Session

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When a family writes to me about a family photo shoot and says, "we'd really just love to do it at our home, is that okay?" I basically feel like setting off fireworks. 

Because that tells me right away that they're more interested in sweet natural moments and the story of their season than perfect landscape and cheesy faces. #win

After several attempts at doing budget studio photos with their adorable kiddos, they told me they realized it just didn't work - it didn't feel like their kids and it wasn't fun. So my goal was to make this session fit both of those criteria. 

It's pretty amazing how even kids so little can have perceptions about "taking photos" and how they're "supposed" to behave in front of a camera - but when I get to a home and play with them first, they quickly realize this is a different ball game. In this case, the oldest boy immediately turned on his charm, picking flowers for me and hugging on his sister.

We met mid-morning on a pretty hot day, so after a bit of time in the yard, we quickly went searching for more shade. This little patch of woods at the end of their culdesac was such a fun way to invite exploration and something new! I love how this session captures a little goofy and a little sweet, all wrapped into one.