Featured: Icy Winter Maternity Session


Icy Winter Maternity Session

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Ever wonder what a maternity session looks like in the dead of winter?

Welp, to start with, it looks like two adventures soon-to-be-parents and a willingness to get a little cold for the sake of a vision.

Add an icy lake on a 9 degree evening at sunset + some gorgeous Virginia mountains, and you're right on track!

As newly transplanted Charlottesville residents, this gorgeous mama has always pictured her first maternity session outdoors, wearing a beautiful dress, and just soaking in the loveliness of their new surroundings. And just because her baby is due in March doesn't mean we have to neglect that vision - we simply adjusted and went for it! :-)

We found one great area in this location, just steps from their warm car, and shot all around it, powering through with just short breaks under a blanket or coat in between different poses or ideas. I loved her dedication to type of session she had in mind and was determined to make it happen!

The cold air and icy lake just added to the whole experience, allowing us to create something truly unique that captures both the serenity of their personalities, and the loveliness of this season in waiting.