Featured: Kira's 1 Year Milestone Shoot

My little girl is 13 months old today -- which means the baby days are well behind us as we enter year 2 with an adventurous, giggly, silly, and curious little lady. Photographing these images for her birthday was equally one of the most fun and most sentimental things I've ever done. I feel like I know her so well -- yet there's still so much to uncover. To know a person from their very first breath, to watch them grow every day thereafter... it's like watching a miracle unfold. 

I have made many mistakes, I'm sure, over the past year. I've cried about little things, I've gone a little control-freak about others, I've researched the crap out of bodily functions I never thought I'd be googling... but I look at her and see this is one happy girl. With every smile, every laugh, every new thing she discovers, my heart soars and I get this feeling like hey, maybe I'm doing something right after all. 

I'm so looking forward to making many more memories with our little munchkin and witnessing every adventure that awaits her in the upcoming year. Enjoy a few favorite highlights from this shoot with my favorite client ever (totally unbiased). 

Featured Vendors: 

Custom quilt by Julie G. Benson

Custom 'Wild One' Onesie by Joelle Pugh / Joellery's