Featured: Lifestyle Newborn and New Sister Love

We met early on a rainy, Saturday morning while the house was still, yet the energy of newborn restless nights was still lingering from wee hours of rocking, pacing, and feedings. An energetic toddler greeted me with open arms and was eager to show me around their beautiful, tucked away home, while baby finally slept soundly upstairs.


The parents wanted the shoot to focus mostly on these new sisters and their first days together, even though big sister Blake had not yet shown a great interest in her new family member. We took things slow, breathing in the morning calmness and taking care to allow time for Blake to explore her sister in her own way and time. Sometimes in the bustle of life after baby, siblings don't always get to set the agenda, but once she realized she was playing an important role, Blake began to love on her sister in brand new ways.

By the end of our shoot, our bouncy 3 year old was all about the cuddles. She was bringing blankets for baby, trying to feed her from her teacups, and playing delicately with her fingers. These two little girls are beginning a beautiful friendship and have two awesome parents to lead them along the way. What a joy it is to capture the beginning of that journey.

I can just picture the two of them kicking their feet together over a that couch as teenagers and flipping through the album, laughing at their interaction and learning about what life looked like back then. <3

Lauren's words: 

"My favorite part of the experience was that it was just so lowkey and natural. We were going on about 2 hours of sleep that morning and Leah just rolled with it. She was so kind, gentle and a lot of fun to be around. It was so worth it and we got some amazing photos in return."