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The Storytelling frame

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It's no secret that I do things a little different with my business when it comes to delivery photos. As a professional photographer, I feel that it's my job to assist you through the whole process from planning to print.

Did you know:  

Quality, archival frames are not just lovely decor to put on your wall, but they protect the images you've invested in. 

**(Ever tried to change an image from a frame and found that it stuck to the glass, or the tape rips off part of the image/mat? yep, me too. That's because they weren't archival.) 

Along with the standard sizes for individual prints, I wanted to offer something that would allow families to display multiple images in an elegant way. Sooo...

Meet the Storytelling Frame

 Newborn session in Silver Audrey Storytelling Frame

Newborn session in Silver Audrey Storytelling Frame

My clients must love this as much as I do because it has quickly become my most popular product!

It's the perfect way to display multiple favorite images in a small footprint. I also love that it provides a place to enjoy those little baby feet or a silly giggle face on the wall as part of a larger story, without committing to a huge full gallery wall. 

These frames are so versatile, which makes them a great choice for transitional young families. 


They can stand alone in an entryway, stairwell, or above a side table, pair with other frames, and be hung or styled on a shelf or mantle, to give an elegant finished look in any home. 


My favorite way to use them is with my baby plan clients to tell that story of maternity through first year in one place.

The specs/defining factors: 

  • 20x20 frame (3 different styles, 7 different colors/finishes)
  • 9 5x5 images mounted on white styrene to prevent any ripple or warping
  • secured with archival, linen tape against a white acid-free mat
  • solid, modern frame options handcrafted in America