Featured : From Pregnancy to One Year Milestone with baby Emilia and Family


Journey Plan with Baby Emilia 

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Journey plans are my absolute favorite because over the course of a year+, I get to watch the progression of pregnancy through really coming into new roles and discovering the personality of this new little human!

Two winters ago, I met this family for the first time at their maternity session, then weeks later, again at their home to capture all the new dynamics and new baby cuddles. 

A little over a year later, we met under cloudy skies and budding trees at one of their favorite family locations, Chile's Peach Orchard, to capture their family once again for Emilia's birthday. 

The girls have both grown SO much, and to be able to reconnect with them and play with little Emmie who was only a few days old when we first met - what an amazing reminder of how beautiful life is. 

As their attitudes came out and I witnessed the beginnings of a healthy sibling rivalry, it was such a treat to see how these parents embraced the fun and play with their girls, making each of them feel special in their own way.

They also LOVE filling their home with beautiful photos of their family, so we were able to create some seriously GORGEOUS artwork for them to enjoy their favorites in print and smile as they walk by every day.