FEATURED: Documentary Session At Camp With The Brennen Family

Their Story

The ease and flow of this session was an absolute dream, thanks to two parents who were all about capturing the fun experiences and adventure they have as a family in this special location.

Tricia and Jason recently left their city life to move to Charlottesville and purchase the land for this recreational summer camp, Camp Varsity, where they met and attended as kids. With big plans for the future of its purpose and service, their own children are now a part of its story and will get to grow up as a part of its legacy. 

And luckily, so will I!

I was so excited to partner with them to photograph the grounds this fall for their upcoming rebranded website, and to return in the summer to see it in action!

Their session

On an overcast, chilly November afternoon, we tooled around the land on four-wheelers to photograph the property, but also, capture the second home this family is creating in this transitional season, the goofiness of two siblings being their true selves, and the intentional connection and love they all share. From feeding horses to climbing fences, tromping in leaves to skipping rocks by the beach, it was such a natural and beautiful way to capture this family's spirit. 

I can't wait to watch this journey unfolding from so many angles for such a wonderful family! 

Be sure to check back to see more from Camp Varsity in the coming seasons! 

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