Featured: Rainy Day Reunion with the Thomson Family

One thing I love about photographing families is the endless challenges they present. This session was no different, serving me several new obstacles to overcome, particularly 9 adults and 3 kids on a rainy day. 

As another family reunion with people visiting from all over the country, there was no rescheduling the session due to weather so we decided to make the best of it! We met at the grandparent's property in Scottsville, a beautiful victorian style home surrounded by rolling farmland. When I arrived, I scoped out a plan and began shooting with different small groups as they were ready. The advantage to shooting where they were all staying was that kids could come and go when they needed breaks and parents could finish getting ready in shifts, which eased the stress of the whole situation when there's that many people involved. It also holds sentiment which is always a huge bonus in my book. 

Thanks to a lovely front porch and screen porch out back, we were still able to use natural light to capture beautiful moments with variety while keeping everyone dry. Mid-way through our time together, we caught a break in the rain and were able to venture into the yard for even more beautiful shots of the whole group with scenic views and vibrant color. Their outfit choices were perfect and the pops of color complimented one another to really brighten the look of a dreary day. 

Despite the cloud coverage, these families had bright attitudes and were such a joy to work with. Their flexibility and trust in my style was a huge help to making the session run smoothly, even when kids got antsy or overstimulated. We worked through every kink together and ended up with some fantastic shots that capture their love for one another and the connection they share as a family in this season of life. 

Enjoy some of my favorites from this special session with the Thompson family!