Featured: Welcoming Baby Ethan


Meet baby Ethan

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Everybody loves a good before/after story. Well, baby plans are basically the best for that -- especially for a first child! How cool is it to capture the moments of waiting between a couple in love, excited to grow their family, but savoring the quiet connection between them that began it all?! When their kids are older, they'll see their parents' smiles, their style, their affection and joy. 

Then, just a few weeks later, we capture stillness in a whole new way. In the home where they brought that new baby back for the first time. In the chair they nursed in night after night. A whole new air above them with love so strong for a human so small. 

And while everything changes when that baby arrives, we also capture all that remains the same.

These two parents were fun-loving and playful during their maternity session-- you know the way a good couple just fits? 


And even in the stillness of a crisp October morning, nestled on their cozy couch with light streaming through the windows, they now had a little boy cuddled in between, but they were still them. Baby Ethan was calm and gentle, with big blue eyes and a tiny frame - it was like he always belonged right there.

Another perfect fit.