Now Available: Firefly Gift Certificates

My mother once told me that the best gifts are things a person would love to have but, for one reason or another, won't buy for him/herself. I mean, it makes so much sense. Big or small, silly or sentimental, an item for the shelf or a memory for the bucket list-- the best gifts are the thoughtful ones, the ones that keep giving even after the occasion.


If you’d like to give a thoughtful gift to someone you love for a major milestone or special occasion, Firefly gift certificates are available for purchase to cover session fees or any customizable amount to use towards beautiful heirloom keepsakes and prints. To purchase, just contact me with questions or desired gift request so we can work out the details and you'll be mailed one of these beauties to pass on.

Who would love a Firefly gift certificate?

Oooooh, I don't know.... maybe:

  • your best friend, who just found out she's going to be a mom

  • your mother, who's been asking for some updated pictures of her (now adult) children with their growing families.

  • your child's teacher or PTA president or coach. (A gift certificate for a session and collection would be an incredible group gift!)

  • your paster and his family as an early Christmas gift

Getting inspired yet?