Featured: Fresh 48 with the Miller Family

Ya know that feeling you got as a kid when you were invited to the biggest, coolest party and you casually accept like it's no big deal but inside your all like 

That was me when I set up this session. These incredible parents wanted to capture the sweet first moments of their oldest two boys meeting their long-awaited baby sister for the first time. From my perspective as a photographer, those are the moments I live for. Not to mention, this would be my first time back at Martha Jefferson Hospital since delivering my own amazing baby girl there just 3 months earlier. 

This session is real, special, and filled to brim with authentic joy. What an honor it was to capture the incredible moments as a family grew +1 and their lives changed forever. Thank you, Miller family, for allowing me to be a fly on the wall for this intimate day and I hope you cherish these images forever! 

Welcome to the world, baby Nora!

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