A Simple Tip to Style Your Family Portrait Wardrobe

When it comes to booking a family photo session, one of the most common stressors I hear from parents is the age-old question: 

What do we wear? 

I picture overturned closets and pre-teen rebellion and toddler shoe-kicking... all images that I'm sure flash through tentative parental minds before scheduling, ultimately make them rethink if it's even worth all the trouble. 

Well my friend, I've heard your reservations and clothing conundrums which is why I like to offer some sound advice to simplify the process. 


First: The Hard Truth

You're probably well aware of this fact, but if not, let me be clear: 

gone are the days of matching khaki's and solid tee's. 

I realize that formula was about as straightforward and simple as you can get but here's the hard truth: that was okay in the 90's but not today. 

The good news is there's another way to style your wardrobe that is super easy and I have full confidence that you'll be able to pull it off with little to no stress. 

Style Tip

The key is to complement, not match! Choose a color palette of complementary hues as your guide. Try this strategy when styling multiple people:

Pick one clothing piece with a pattern or bold color and use it as the inspiration for building other outfits and colors around it. 

This palette was based around the cute little girl's dress as the centerpiece. Since the color of the dress is bold, I used neutral tones like grey and cream to balance it.

Wardrobe can either aid to your clean and personality driven images, or act as a huge distraction. Use this simple tip and lean into the style and colors you love to be sure your images are the timeless keepsakes you'll love looking at for generations.