Featured: Jake + Heather - fall proposal at UVA

Get ready to cheer and pop the champagne because even if you don't know Jake and Heather already, this sweet and classic proposal session will make you root for them right down the aisle. 


I met Jake about 8 years ago when he and my brother started playing football together at UVA. The two of them quickly became each other's right-hand-man and while they were absolutely nuts together, there's no better kind of friendship in my opinion so I liked him from the start. Fast forward to after graduation, real jobs have set in, no more Halloween parties at Boylan Heights... but one thing hasn't changed: Jake is still in love with Heather. 

After being together for so many years, the couple had obviously talked about taking the plunge because Jake knew that Heather would want the moment photographed. He had a simple, yet special plan to pop the question on UVA grounds in front of Clark Hall where they met and had their first class together.  "Just get her reaction-- she's the most important, always," he asked when we met on grounds 1 week before the day to go over the plan.


The Big Day

The day he chose was a perfect, 80 degree day with sun shining and birds chirping all around. They had friends visiting and were planning to "show them around the grounds." Jake put me in contact with the accomplices to keep me updated on their whereabouts so he wouldn't look suspicious checking his phone and texting. As I arrived to get set-up there were two giant tour groups gathered in front of the location and I thought for a minute I was going to have to make a scene and kick them into high gear over to another building, but luckily they dispersed with about 5 minutes to spare. Once the couple headed our way, I got ready to inconspicuously capture the moment from afar and when they approached, everything unfolded so quickly! 

He brought her right up in front of the building and dropped to one knee; she must still love him too, because without hesitation, Heather said 'yes' and they hugged with excitement and relief to move on with the rest of their lives. 

After the big moment, I revealed myself and finally got to meet Heather in person! Not only is she stunningly gorgeous but she immediately radiates fun and joy -- of course, the fact that she was seconds fresh from getting engaged probably amplified all of those qualities. We took a brief stroll to some of their favorite spots on grounds for a little mini-session to commemorate the day, but little did she know the surprises didn't end there! Jake had planned an afternoon at a local winery where many of their family and closest friends were waiting to congratulate them. I mean, how thoughtful is this guy?! 


It was such an honor to capture this amazing couple's next steps into the wonderful world of marriage -- Jake and Heather, you may have thought you were awkward for pictures, but you are absolutely picture perfect for life together (and you don't look awkward in the pictures either 😃 )  Leave some love for the newly engaged lovebirds in the comments below!