Kira's 1st Christmas

Christmas is always a magical time, but bring a new baby into the equation and you're introducing a whole new level of wonder. I have never been more grateful that we were able to land somewhere close to family so that they could experience and love on our little one through the holiday season. She was able to meet so many dear friends and just adored all the extra cuddles. We adored some extra sleep and a chance to eat our meals together on a regular basis.

On Christmas morning, I was able to snap some sweet photos of her as she slept that practically turned me into a puddle with every shutter click. I am just so over the moon about this little lady - she is the most precious gift we’ve ever received. 

I'm already excited for next Christmas when she'll be walking around and opening gifts on her own... it's crazy to think about the future of this wild ride we're on but it sure is incredible, too.