Featured: The Kirkpatrick Family at Chiles Peach Orchard

After recently relocating to the Charlottesville area, the Kirkpatrick family was eager to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings for their family photos. I was just as eager to seek out the perfect location that would highlight both the gorgeous landscape and fall atmosphere and, more importantly, the wonderful connection of this spirited family during this new season of life. We chose to shoot at Chiles Peach Orchard in Crozet, and after rescheduling once due to hurricane, (thanks a lot Joaquin) we ended up with a seasonably warm and energized fall morning.

We had lots of bright sun to combat along with plenty of other orchard-goers searching for the perfect produce for their pies or pumpkins for their Halloween parties, but ultimately came away with lots of smiles, hugs, and a glowing tutorial for how to choose and pick the perfect apple thanks to the little lady of the family— ("twist, twist, pull!!”). 

It was just one more session from which I left grinning ear to ear and repeating “I love my job” the whole winding drive home. 

In the end, the family chose 3 beautiful canvas’s to display in their home along with a small linen coffee table book and prints to give to family. It warms my heart knowing they will look at the images every day and remember their experience fondly and the love they share daily. <3