50+ Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom


50+ Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom


(originally posted 05/04/2016)

It's hard to recognize just how much I learned from my mom until I stopped and realized she's pretty much the backbone of all my values, quirks, and habits. I also never realized just how little I truly say 'thank you' enough for all the crap I put her through growing up. From the chores I didn't want to do to the clothes I didn't want to wear to the curfews I didn't want to obey -- but I get it now. 

As a new mom, I think a lot now about all the amazing influence my own mama has had in my life. There are millions of lessons she taught me over the years without even knowing it, simply by setting an example of the kind and loving woman she is. I managed to make this list of just a few of those lessons that hold stories and wisdom I can only hope to pass along to my kids one day as well.  

50 Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

  1. Surround yourself with people who make you a better you
  2. Hot tea is an acceptable beverage at any time in any season
  3. Women can mow the grass, pound a nail, clean the gutters, and well, pretty much everything a man can do. 
  4. Burying your feelings doesn't help, it just starts a pile
  5. Sometimes bad things happen to good people
  6. Sometimes good things happen to bad people
  7. No man will ever love you like your daddy does
  8. No girl friend's advice will ever replace your mama's wisdom
  9. Not much good can happen after 12:00 pm 
  10. It's okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.
  11. Just because someone is good, doesn't mean they're good for you
  12. Words are powerful- spoken, written, or sung, they have the ability to wound, heal, begin, and end. 
  13. Speak to and of yourself with kindness - God created every part of you on purpose.
  14. Lying about your mistake is worse than making the mistake itself. It just makes 2 mistakes. 
  15. Grudges are pointless. make your peace then move on. 
  16. You can't choose your family, but you can choose to love them despite your differences.
  17. Be confident in your choices and humble in your successes. 
  18. Shop with purpose. Otherwise you're wasting time.
  19. Bad haircuts grow out. 
  20. Bad dye jobs can be fixed. 
  21. The hardest decisions are the ones that change your life - don't feel like you have to make them alone. 
  22. Good teachers work really.freaking.hard. 
  23. Stand up for what you believe in. 
  24. It may take longer, you may have to fight harder, but if you really want it-- you can make it happen. 
  25. Experiences are more valuable than things. 
  26. Never leave for vacation with a messy house.
  27. Sometimes you just need to go to the woods. 
  28. Don't be afraid to be the first hand raised. 
  29. Don't be afraid of being the only hand raised. 
  30. Don't be afraid to try new things.
  31. Admit when those things are a bust. 
  32. Always be able to go with the flow. 
  33. Before saying 'no,' always ask yourself 'what could it hurt.'
  34. You can't do/win/save them all. Just do what you can well. 
  35. If it takes you more than 30 minutes to get ready, you better be going somewhere really freaking special. 
  36. Know when to laugh at yourself. 
  37. Choose your battles wisely. 
  38. Your home should always have an open door. (Even if it means you're cooking for 20 football players or drying clothes from the whole neighborhood's snowball fight, your home should have a open door.)
  39. Support the people close to you by simply showing up. 
  40. True friendship is about quality, not quantity. 
  41. Sleeping past 8:30 is a waste of good daylight. 
  42. Stay close to your siblings - they know you like no friend ever will. 
  43. Hugs are the first step to solving any problem. 
  44. Family vacations are for family. 
  45. Adopt an attitude of gratefulness in all things. 
  46. Any combination of random ingredients can become dinner with a little creativity. 
  47. Sarcasm. sarcasm. sarcasm. 
  48. Leave notes. For yourself. For others. Everywhere. 
  49. No matter where you go or what happens, you can always come home
  50. You're never too old to need your mom.


  1. Age is not a determining or limiting factor for your goals. 
  2. You first thoughts aren't always the best ones - process, then speak. 
  3. Dedicate your time where you want to dedicate your life. 
  4.  Go do, see, and explore whenever possible - you will never regret it. But plan first. 
  5. You have to be intentional about spending time with the people you love - even if it's not convenient, it's worth it. 
  6. When all else fails, just put one foot in front of the other and do the next best thing.

When I look at my baby girl, I finally understand how my mother feels about me and I feel so insanely lucky.. 

photo by Aaron Riddle Photography

photo by Aaron Riddle Photography