Featured: Lifestyle Newborn Session with Baby Chase

Early in the year, we celebrated this little man in a big way with this fun balloon pregnancy announcement shoot (seriously, if you missed it, you should pause, check that out first, then head back over for the rest of the story!)

After a rough and troubling pregnancy, mom nurtured and fought hard to keep little man healthy and safe all the way past term, and finally, got to welcome their little miracle baby boy. The affection of these two parents was practically floating in the air. I lost track of the number of times we 'aww'-ed during this session because he was just so sweet. 

Of course, we had to bring back the iconic gold balloons from their first shoot for a few shots now that they've officially welcomed Chase to the world. Even though life looks wildly different for these parents than it did back then, their eagerness for raising this little boy hasn't wavered and it was so beautiful to witness the transition unfold. 

Enjoy a peek into this soft and cuddle-filled newborn session to welcome baby Chase <3

This bassinet was the father's crib when he was a baby and passed down for them to use with their first-born. We were so excited to be able to capture that incredible story of generations while he is still tiny enough to fit. These details are what make in-home sessions that much more incredible and heart-warming. <3

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