Featured Brand: Indigo Night Sky Graphics

It always seems like the products that move us the most are the ones we can envision in our own homes. And when we see people using them, when we see how it looks “in the wild” instead of on a shelf or on a layflat style board, suddenly the idea comes to life.

That’s what we wanted to achieve for the rebranding of Indigo Night Graphics. The owner creates custom renderings based on star map data and overlays them on photos of meaningful location, like the sky on your wedding night over your venue, or how the sky looked on the night she was born over her first home town. It’s such a meaningful piece of artwork and something can be a true keepsake for little ones and adults throughout their lives.

Branding is still in production, but I was so happy with how these images turned out for the company. They feature lifestyle images of their target clients enjoying and growing with these products around their homes, and most importantly, communicate the feeling of sentiment and joy they want their products to bring.