Lifestyle Newborn Session with the O Family


Lifestyle Newborn Session with the O Family

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Remember this brave couple? We met on a 9 degree day in January for an outdoor maternity session by the lake to celebrate in preparation for their little girl. A few months later, I got to meet their oh so tiny and sweet daughter for the first time as we captured some of the softness in their new life together at home. 

Pushpa delivered by c-section so in the whirlwind of change following their return home and the unexpected need for more rest, they converted an empty room on their first floor to a temporary nursery. In the first week home, they decorated with balloons and streamers to celebrate her birthday, and even though she was almost a month old when we met, the sunny and sweet decorations remained to brighten the room and make them smile. 

With family visiting from overseas, it was also extra special to be able to include them with baby in some images.

There are so many advantages to capturing newborns just being newborns, and parents being parents ; the way life feels and the surroundings of a baby's first home. It's all part of the story, the memories you want to cherish, the details surrounding this season that they'll look back on with fond hearts.

Even when their baby girl is all grown up and life looks completely different, they'll have little glimpse into life when she was first born.