Meet Baby Wyatt

I am so excited to share a little peek at our shoot with brand new baby Wyatt, my first little one of 2017! 

This little guy has got one awesome set of parents, too -- you may remember them from their maternity shoot back in December. We met on a chilly January morning with bright sun shining in and sparkling off newly snow-sprinkled grass. They are in the process of building their dream home, but it won't be ready for a few months, so capturing little Wyatt in his first temporary home was even more special. Jenny did an incredible job pulling together a sweet nursery in their 1900's cottage-style home, featuring all kinds of rustic and vintage details mixed with contemporary geometric shapes.

Wyatt was such a dream for his shoot at only about 2 weeks old, either drifting cozily in his parents' arms or gazing wide-eyed at the new world around him. I just love the closeness and amazement you can feel between them all as they begin their lives together. We even managed to get their lovable, furry companion Charlie into a few frames again, cause hey, he's family too! 

I'm lucky enough to have this crew signed on for one more shoot in the next year, so keep a look out for the joyful milestone session to come as baby Wyatt grows! (Eek, I just love that!)