LOVE IS REAL : Charlottesville Documentary Family Photography Promotion


Love is Real 

February Short Story Promotion

Love is a lot of things. 

It's that lavender-baby-soap-scented hug you get from your toddler every night that makes your heart melt. 

It's taking turns for middle of the night feedings and still kissing each other in the morning. 

It's chases and tickle fights between stirring pots on the stove for dinner

It's date nights that look like chess on the floor in sweatpants or Netflix binging with a shared bowl of popcorn and cheap wine. 

It's a purse full of crayons, wet wipes, and pb&j, folding laundry before the sun rises, and taking out the trash. 

It's sharing a home, a bed, a meal, a life with the people you love. 

When it's neat, when it's messy, when it's calm, and when it's crazy.

It's never really heart boxes of chocolate and perfect bouquets of roses. 

It's just the simple actions that make up our love story every day. 


It's like the popular saying we always hear -

"Every love story is different. But ours is my favorite."

I get it now. The more we grow, the harder it gets, and the more I fall in love.

Sometimes I wonder if there's room enough in my heart to keep growing- and then it does. 

It's hard to communicate, constantly changing, and full of details I want to bottle up forever. Cause we're right in the think of it - and sometimes it's lovely, but most often it's busy and confusing and hard and often sticky.

But I wouldn't want it any other way.

Because it's us. 



This winter is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your favorite, ordinary love story with a family short story session - I want to add some extra incentive for you to say 'YES' to celebrating your true love story, just the way it is.  



I'm passionate about the way love shows up differently for everyone - it lives in actions, touch, service, gifts, and time, the ins and outs of your life with your people. I want you to see your love story past the surface and into the little details of how we show up for one another, so you can bottle up that love forever and know that your love story is worthy, beautiful, and special - even in the ordinary. 


This story session can be used to book an immediate family session, an in-home newborn session, casual couples engagement story, proposal, or whatever story your heart is yearning to capture!

What's included? 

  • 1.5-2 hour session, documenting activities in the home or out a favorite location. 
  • online proof gallery for social sharing
  • in person reveal appointment at the Firefly home office to view images and explore products
  • Complimentary archival print in handmade 8x10 barnwood frame



Must be booked before Valentine’s Day of 2018 to take advantage of this promotion but can be scheduled any time before April 30 that works for your family.  


How much? 


-can be purchased up front or as a gift certificate.

Secure your session before February 6th and I'll send you a pretty voucher by mail to present your loved one on Valentine’s Day. The recipient will be responsible for reaching out when he/she is ready to plan the session with me.



1. Your $250 session fee secures a 1.5-2 hour short story session to gift your family or sweetheart, which can be claimed any time during the first quarter of 2018 (before April 30). I'll assist in planning the perfect date, time, and activities that best tell your true story. 

** please note: no digital files are included in the session fee

2. 1-2 weeks after the session, we'll meet back at my home office for your big reveal, enjoy some yummy dessert, and reveal your story together from a whole new perspective. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your favorite image for your complimentary 8x10 barnwood frame, as well as any other custom products or digital collections you love. 

3. While you wait for your beautiful artwork to arrive, you'll be able to view and share your images through a custom online proof gallery. 

4. Within 2 weeks of your reveal, your artwork be hand assembled by yours-truly and ready to enjoy in your hands and home! 


Want to send a little "hint-hint-nudge-nudge" to your hubby or boyfriend about this special?

Link this post with the hashtag


so he/she can get in touch with me

(or hey, just secure the session yourself and call it a gift to your whole darn family - cause it definitely will be!)