Featured: Meet Baby Navya

Beautiful Navya was 3 weeks new at the time of her session. Her parents weren't quite sure they wanted to invest in newborn photography at first, but after she was born, they knew they couldn't miss capturing her amazing, tiny world and the huge love they found for her. I was so glad they decided to call me because they could not have been a more wonderful family to work with. We booked the shoot as soon as possible and were still able to capture all her wonderful newborn features. It's difficult to let a relative stranger into your home, especially in such a vulnerable time of change, but they were so calm and collected the whole shoot--just smiling and loving on their precious girl. 

I learned that Navya is an Indian name meaning 'young' and 'praiseworthy.' And this little lady was definitely praiseworthy during her session because she was a complete sweetheart the whole time. With a heat fan kicked on in her room, she was content both awake and asleep. Whenever she started getting uncomfortable, some time in daddy's arms or the rocking chair with mom were all it took to calm her right down. 


The session also captures some of the beautiful details of Navya's nursery like heirloom garments and the floral mobile above her crib handmade by mom (I mean, seriously, it's SO gorgeous. I kindof want one above my bed.)

These doting parents were so excited to be able to fill their new home with beautiful artwork of their family and baby girl. They ended up choosing a classic collection of float wraps, and gorgeous white leather album of all their favorites, and prints to share with family and friends. It makes me so happy to know they are enjoying their images as artwork that will be passed down to this sweet girl and beyond.