Modern School Photography : Charlottesville Daycare + Preschools

School photos have and always will be a thing -- but what doesn't have to be a thing is the pressure that comes with it.

  • The pressure to buy photos you don't love

  • The pressure to put a cheesy, awkward 8x10 photo up in your home and stuff the rest of a package in a drawer for the rest of time.

  • The pressure for kids to perform and be something they're not.

  • The pressure to keep going with that same old royal blue backdrop and glued together prop of chapter books that looks unnatural as heck for anyone holding it.

Can we stop? Like really, let's just stop. Anyone?!


This style of photography is for any school who wants to offer their families something truly valuable. A quality portrait of every child being themselves at school.

I only spend 1-2 minutes with each kid and I have the opportunity to pour confidence into their day and celebrate them for as individuals who are seen and heard. In those minutes, I get to share an important message to every kid, no matter how old or young they are: 

"You matter. You are worthy of being photographed, even when you don't smile. You are special because of your goofiness, because of your shyness. That's you and I think it's awesome." 

It only takes a minute to share that and no words at all. It's a message that bears repeating by lots of voices throughout their lives, including yours, including mine. 

For Parents and Administrators / Staff: