Featured: Lifestyle Newborn Session with Mama and Baby A


Mother + Son Newborn Session

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There is nothing quite like the relationship of a mama and her newborn baby. When discussing photos for his first year, mom Amanda shared with me that her husband felt like she had worked so hard all 9 months of the pregnancy to grow and nurture him, that the first session should simply celebrate their bond. (I mean come on, how sweet is that?!) 

When I first arrived, he was sleepy and calm, a quiet peace throughout their home. And though after a while, he squirmed awake, the warmth of his mamas arms was the only comfort he needed. My favorite thing to capture is that perfect recognition when baby and parents eyes meet - the one that says, I've known you, I've heard you, and I love you, right from the start. 

Little details and loving snuggles - that's what we love to remember about these early days and that's what we captured, pure and simple. I felt like I'd known this mom for years as we chatted and shared about life in this new season, and that's seriously the nicest part about these in-home newborn sessions. It's honest and familiar, with no expectations or pretense. Just capturing this sweet baby exactly how he is and the love that's forming within these walls.

Dad will join in later sessions (no, the mother/son session wasn't just an excuse to avoid being photographed! ) as I get to capture baby A grow through their Journey Plan in the coming year!