One Photo One Story: I See the Moon


One Photo One Story: I See the Moon

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This is the second image I'm sharing as part of my #onephotoonestory project - if you haven't read the mission behind it, check out the first image I shared a few months ago and its backstory here. 

The Backstory:

My husband is a hard worker - it's one of the many things I love about him. He's passionate about what he does, is creative, dedicated, and a true leader down to his core. And when it comes to family, the same is true. But he has always inspired me with the way he's about to switch gears from one to the other and create memorable experiences, wholly present and loving, whenever the opportunity arises.

On an unseasonably warm, winter day, he came home from work just as the sun was setting. He immediately scooped up Kira in one arm, a blanket in the other, and Bourbon by the leash, ushering us all outside. Still in his button-up and dress shoes, he laid on the grass with our girl and gave her his energy like only a dad can - with tickle fights and goofy stories, teaching her about stars and pointing out constellations as the sky grew darker. 

Before I jumped to cuddle on the blanket, too, I wanted to capture this sentiment. His thoughtfulness, her amazement, their connection. I stood back to give them their time, just the two of them - and almost cried with happiness.

In the front yard of our little suburban neighborhood, it was so quiet and peaceful. I saw how she looked at her surroundings, taking it all in, so innocent and amazed- and I was transported to that feeling, too. It's easy to forget sometimes how amazing this creation is - from the earth we walk on, to the vastness of space; but watching her look to the stars reminded me just how blessed we are by God's greater plan and provision in our lives.

This little girl soaks up time with her daddy and everything he says like a sponge - so when I see this image, I know that the moments he shares with her, the things he shows her, the way he holds her... they will be moments that mold her, that encourage her, that comfort her forever. 

He literally gives her the moon and the stars.