One Photo One Story : Pops


One Photo One Story : Pops

personal photo series

Introducing: The One Photo One Story Series

This One Photo One Story Series idea was born out the feelings that bubble into my heart sometimes when I capture something that speaks beyond the photo.

Have you felt that before? When you see something through your camera and there's this wave of emotions or memories come through with it? 

It's an old cliche that a picture holds a 1000 words-- but sometimes so true.

The photos in this series are those that hold stories, captured with history built into their colors and personality worth cherishing. They will be personal and purposeful - a short demonstration of the power an image alone can have. Not necessarily the most artful or compositionally correct of "perfect" but hey, they're the shots that make me feel-- and isn't that kind of the point? 

And one more thing:

You won't have the same response to them that I doThat's ok- they're not your people, your memories, or your moments.

But maybe these photos and their stories will help you start to pull out or capture the photos from your own life that do give you that feeling.  



The Backstory:

As we travelled home from Christmas break with Matt's side of the family in PA, we stopped in my hometown for the night. It was minus 30 degrees, but we bundled up for a last minute adventure and discovered this walk-through Christmas lights show that a local park sets up every year. It's insanely elaborate and goofy, but beautiful, and from the eyes of a toddler, it was completely spectacular. 

My dad, a man of tough skin and hard boundaries, turns into a complete marshmallow when he's around our Kira. As he carried her bundled against his leather Harley jacket into this adorably cheesy walkthrough Christmas light park, my mind flashed back to my childhood riding shotgun in my daddy's pickup, to hard conversations and teenage years, to his story and pain and struggles, and click.

This picture is gratefulness for a warm and goofy 'pops.'

It's experiences together with him in a new way as an adult.  

It's hometown love around the holidays and how it doesn't matter what we do together, it's always special.

It's Kira still being small enough to carry and still amazed at things like Christmas lights.

It's the way kids can bring out the best in us. 

This is a new format and experimental series, so if you liked this post and want to hear more stories behind my favorite images, would you just be awesome leave a comment below or on social media and let me know?! They are so encouraging to me! <3