Featured: Kai's One Year Milestone

When I first met with Kai's mom, I was immediately energized by her excitement for beautiful photos to celebrate her youngest turning one. She was interested in something clean and classic that would match the aesthetic of their home and focus on the subjects without busy distractions.

While the session was mostly for little Kai, she wanted to include his older two siblings as well, as they had yet to have professional photos made of all the kids together. We decided that shooting at their light-filled home would be the best option to suit the look they were seeking and styled their clothing to focus on cool tones with light, linen textures and a pop of color. 

I love shooting in clients' homes, especially for little ones and families, because it just adds an extra layer of comfort and emotion to the images. It worked out so well for Kai's session because he was able to maintain his nap schedule so he'd be a happy camper for the photos, and I didn't have to worry about timing the light on a hot, late summer afternoon. He was able to have his favorite toys and books handy which add a personal touch to these milestone images, and feel comfortable in a familiar and controlled environment. 

We started out by just playing and interacting in his bedroom right after he woke from his nap. The snuggles from this little guy were enough to make me melt. And then he began to really ham it up. I've gotta say, he's probably one of the most expressive toddlers I've ever gotten to photograph! So much fun :-) 

Not only did the family have a gorgeous space for indoor shots, but a beautiful yard that we wanted to utilize as well. The joy and playfulness of these doting sisters with their little brother is so evident as they play with him on the bridge in their yard. It's just such a sweet stage to capture in all their lives and makes me smile to know that the emotion in these images will bring warmth to this family's home for years to come. 

Thanks again to this warm and loving family for inviting me to take over their home and choosing me to capture their family dynamic. I loved being able to to sit down with them afterwards to reveal their session and see their reactions to the images, design the perfect pieces to fit their home, and just build a relationship with them-- I am so touched by this session and they are not even my kids! Photography can be such a personal thing and I'm always so honored to provide that experience to wonderful, growing families like this one :-) 

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