Featured: One-Year Session with Elijah

Please allow me to introduce to you this gem of a family: the Herrings. Matt and I met them through our church when we first moved to Charlottesville and as a result, we have gotten to know one another over the past year and been able to watch their little boy, Elijah, grow up before our eyes. I'm just gonna say it-- he's got to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.

After years of struggling with infertility, Elijah was a gift in God's perfect timing and the love his parents have for him is undeniable. I was so excited to photograph his one-year milestone and to capture images of the whole family, as they had yet to have any professional images taken of the three of them! We planned the timing of our shoot specifically around Elijah's nap and eating schedule so he'd be a happy camper, but as it is in life, kids have a mind of their own. It really does seem like they can sense the days you really need them to stick to that schedule--and pick those days to throw the schedule out the window. 

Even though Elijah was tired and pretty much wanted nothing to do with pictures, he did want something to do with his vintage Winnie the Pooh book, which ended up being the perfect personal touch. Set in a tall field on a cloudy dew-soaked morning, the family read stories on a blanket and cuddled close for sleepy hugs. These sentimental moments are a story just as worthy of telling as the big toothy grins and clapping hands. I love how the images came out,  reflecting this stage of sweet Elijah's life with his favorite character, learning to walk, and the love shared between their little family of 3. 

BONUS for music lovers: 

The Herrings are incredible musicians and just released a new record of several original tracks. If you love banjos, meaningful lyrics, and sweet harmonies, you should definitely check it out here. :-)