Our Weekend Family Getaway : Guide to Williamsburg with Kids


Our Weekend Family Getaway

Guide to Williamsburg with kids 

We are so blessed in Virginia to live so close to so many wonderful destinations. We have found such a home here in Charlottesville, but sometimes, ya just need to get away. When a rare but open weekend presented itself on the calendar, amidst a rainy forecast and desperate desire to slow down for a change, we booked a random little getaway to Williamsburg, VA.

Believe it or not, this was our first trip/vacation with just the three of us. No other family or specific occasion, just our crew and basically no agenda but to just enjoy each other's company.

Just two hours south, the weather was gorgeous and warm. We stayed at the Historic Powhatan Inn which was perfect for kids - K had her own separate room and there was tons of space, a balcony for some morning coffee and reading, and a whole resort full of easily accessible activities. After grabbing breakfast at an adorable local pancake house, (seriously there a million of them) we strolled along the lovely Colonial streets. Given that we're early birds, pretty much nothing was open, but we didn't care. We went searching for horses and sheep and K had a blast treasure hunting for sticks and seeds along the paths. 

We hit the renowned Cheese Shop and Candy Store of course for some fudge (and free samples), but no surprise here, one of K's favorite things was a pitstop at Barnes and Noble to read a new "piggie book" (which became our souvenir.) 


We literally spent the rest of the afternoon at the resort-- swimming, golfing (aka watching the ball repeatedly roll under the same bridges and secret holes) picnic-ing, and playing on the playground. Aside from any little stint in the car, naps are a joke when traveling for this one -- she played.so.hard. She even conquered a rock wall by herself. Not a bad start for 2. 


A little loop around the outlets and some brick oven pizza were about all she could handle by the end of the day, but we didn't mind one bit. And of course, you can't have vacation without  ice cream - duh. This general store was the cutest and just our speed.

No screens, warm spring air, the almost constant giggle of our happy girl -- it was the perfect simple and fun filled day. I remembered so many of these spots from vacationing here as a kid that there was also a sweet air of nostalgia around the whole weekend (my favorite.)


Sunday, we zipped back over to colonial and grabbed breakfast on the open air patio of Aromas which was insanely delicious, and toddler approved for chatting up college students and petting local dogs. We strolled around the gorgeous William and Mary campus, talking and letting K run around and play balance beam on the bricks.

I'm telling you, zero expectations = complete fun for a little one to use imagination and adults to have some much needed relaxation. Doing so in the winter/early spring was the perfect time to minimize overwhelm and really enjoy these spots + give her more freedom to explore without crowds and busy tourism. When she started to fade, we simply headed back to the care and hit the highway, home by early afternoon and ready for a fresh start Monday. 

If you're looking for somewhere to travel for a weekend away with kids, this was seriously ideal. And while I can be the worst hypocrite about this, the power of rest should never be underestimated. 

Yes, I said "travel," "with kids" and "rest" in the same breath. It is possible, friends.