Featured: Pancake morning with the Tison family

When this dad reached out to schedule a documentary session for his wife as an anniversary present, I was instantly excited to get to know their story. Through our planning prior to the shoot, he informed me that they were going through a season of big change, including a new home, new schools, and watching how their babies were turning into little boys with big personalities. The "normal" every-day activities are so dear to them and it was important to capture the comfort and enjoyment they find just being together in this stage of life. 

(I meeeean... from every angle, my photographer heart was screaming YES YES YES, THEY GET IT!!)

As he described their relationship, the things the do together, and the personalities of his kids, it was so easy to see the love and sentiment this dad has for his family and his penchant for grabbing on to detail. When he wrote about his wife, he noted the smile he fell in love with, how it is the same 15 years later from the time they met. He described how she is compassionate and a fast friend, always willing to dig in and play with her rambunctious boys, tireless in her dedication and affection. I learned about the boys and the qualities they find most endearing --  the thoughtfulness, curiosity, and athleticism in their oldest, how their youngest talks with his hands and is full of firecracker goofiness.

These are the things worth capturing, how we see our kids every day as they grow into their own skin.

And at the same time, sometimes when we schedule family photoshoots, we make the mistake of thinking it's all about the kids. But really, it's just as (if not more) important to capture and honor the core of that family, which is the relationship of two people who started it all. 

Once mom got her gift certificate for the session, she contacted me directly to make a plan for the shoot. This family loves to cook, and they love to be in their bright kitchen, leaning over the barstools and trying ambitious recipes. They also love to play in their backyard and just be outside, so we decided a morning making pancakes and enjoying breakfast on the deck was the perfect way to showcase a sliver of their special, everyday adventure.

Enjoy a few favorite highlights from their documentary mini story and I hope it makes your heart beat a little faster for the little things in your own lives today <3