10 Perfect Gifts for the New Mom

Recently, Kim Kardashian released her holiday gift guide for the new mom  and I have to say... if somebody showed up to my baby shower with a $179 box of roses I'd be all like

"thanks but ummm, we kinda need diapers." 

It's insanely unrealistic and comical. At least for the everyday mom like myself who doesn't wake up dripping in glitter. 

So since I am a new mom as well, I thought I'd share an alternative list of ways to gift the new mom in your life. These items are equal parts pampering, practical, thoughtful, and affordable - all under $100 sans 2 slightly bigger ticket items (not $300 bath robe kind of ticket though, honestly Kim). 

1. Nursing Scarf - Kismet Love Collection $25

Stylish and functional, this would make nursing in public (or uncomfortable extended family gatherings) much easier for those breastfeeding mamas who love their baby and want to feed him/her but aren't fans of whipping the shirt off in all present company. This shop owner creates all kinds of cute patterns as well that she can wear even after baby's done nursing. 

2. Bubble Bath - $18 Anthropologie

These luxurious bath bombs will give her the perfect excuse to hide away for a momentary rejuvenating bath. Especially if she's not getting those daily showers anymore, these will be well appreciated. 

3. Name Ring - $25 Silver Handwriting

A cute ring of baby's name like this one from Silver Handwriting on Etsy would be such a sweet and stylish gift for any mom. It's simple and understated so she can wear it every day, adding a touch of flair and sentiment to her look. 

4. Silk Robe - $25 Target

I can't tell you how much I love putting on my silk robe after a hot shower. It feels so nice and luxurious, even if it's just a simple one like this robe from good ole Target. When you're recovering and sore from feeding the little one, something slightly sexy and feminine can do wonders for the new mom mood. 

5. Nursing Tanks - $25

I know this seems kindof lame, but they are seriously awesome. They're a great alternative to a nursing bra (or sometimes you need both!). When wearing a pullover sweater or basically anything that doesn't button in the front, it allows her to not bear her mid-section and chest to the world. Give her the gift of warmth, modesty, and more available fashion choices. These are a win. 

6.  Trendy Baby Carrier - $78 The Modern Wrap

Baby carrying is great for both baby and mama, so why not help them both out by choosing a baby sling that is equally functional and fashionable (but let's be honest, that cutie-pie inside is the real eye-catcher ;-) ). These awesome designs from The Modern Wrap are made of lightweight fabric, easy to tie, and suitable for baby's whole first year. I have a K'Tan wrap which is another great brand that's cute and easy to manage. I use it every day and Kira and I both love it! 

7. Ninja Coffee Bar - $150 

This is the splurge - but does fresh lattes from the comfort of your kitchen really have a price tag? I think not. Especially when mama needs a pick me up but showering hasn't happened for a while and baby thinks naps are for wusses. A little luxury in any form can go a long way. 

8. Mug - $10-$20 

To go with that coffee bar, how about a cute mug to keep her spirits going strong? I love these options from Sweet Water Decor and The Scribble Studio

9. Fitbit - $130

If the mama on your heart is the active type and would take this gift as "yay! I can't wait to hitthe gym and start using this to get back in shape!" and not "you insensitive jerk, how dare you tell me I need to get my ass in gear, I'm doing my best here!" then this is another awesome splurge gift. It will make her feel good about exercising and even on the days she can't hit the gym, she'll see she's doing something good for herself by simply running around being superwoman! 

10. Date Night - priceless

How about this novel idea: a gift certificate to a local restaurant and your worry-free servicesof baby-snuggling while mom and dad reconnect! Once he/she is old enough to be left alone and assuming you reading this are a capable and trustworthy adult, helping your loved one invest in her marriage/relationship will mean the world to her. Way more than a stupid  $160 Cellumination Cream (GOSH KIM). 

If there's a new mom on your Christmas list who is just doing life and getting by with a little help from her friends, you can show her some serious love with any of these simple gifts! 

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