10 Perks of Being Pregnant


10 Perks of Being Pregnant

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Spoiler alert:

The most amazing thing about being pregnant is the incredible sensation that you are physically growing anther human life inside of you. I think every mom or mom-to-be can agree on that.

However, so much of the conversation around pregnancy revolves around the levels of ailment, discomfort, fear, and inconvenience it brings.

Aww congratulations, you're pregnant! How sick have you been?
Are you getting up like 10 times every night?
Do you need a crane to stand?
Don't you just want to karate punch everyone who makes eye contact?! 

First of all...  such a dramatic exaggeration. Yes, pregnancy is full of hardship, but it's also an incredible blessing. 

Regardless of how your body responds to these drastic changes inside, whether it's smooth sailing or full of obstacles, I feel like there are some amazing perks that too regularly get brushed under the rug. There are some seriously amazing reasons to celebrate during this 9 month journey. 

1. Maternity Fashion

Once your bump starts expressing itself as an actual baby and not the remnant of a holiday feast, you get to transition to maternity clothing.

Truly, the creator of such a concept as maternity fashion as opposed to formless potato sacks should be handed a giant calorie-free milkshake and carried everywhere on a golden throne.

Cute clothes that are made entirely with optimum stretchy and comfort in mind? I meaaaan... I may never go back. 


2. Gym forgiveness

In the past, heavy breathing at the gym was a result of your slacking morning routine. Now, you're excused because that second life you're supporting inside your body is a workout in itself. While it's still a good idea to keep exercise in your routine, the pressure of persistence and pushing yourself to loose weight/gain muscle/build endurance/train harder... all gets put on hold. And it's kindof a relief. 

3. Naps welcome here. 

You're actually medically encouraged to take naps?? Don't mind if I do. It's for the baby. 

4. Snack with abandon

Ice cream after dinner? For a week straight? NO SHAME! Eat when you're hungry, listen to those cravings! Again, it's for the baby. 

5. Fall (even more) in love.

There is nothing like watching your husband become a father with every whisper and kiss to your growing bump. Those moments of quiet stillness lying on the couch with his hand on your belly, feeling baby's kicks and daydreaming about what he/she'll be like... those moments are irreplaceable. 

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6. Bump Pride

Kiss those thoughts of "is this too tight?" "I need to pick up my ab workouts" or "gotta suck it in!" goodbye and have some pride in that bump! (then tell those thoughts they can stay away for good.) Boast that belly! Strut that Gut! There's a freaking baby in there after all, and that's something to be proud of! 

7. Baby showers

Talk about an incredible reminder of how much love and support you have from family and steadfast friends. Spending time with the people you love who want to celebrate and support you through this overwhelming life change... that's a huge win. 


8. Built-in Conversation starter

You always get the nicest smiles from strangers, some of whom just immediately strike up a friendly conversation, as if the protrusion of your belly has suddenly brightened their day. 

9. Being Kicked Repeatedly

You never thought you'd enjoy being kicked and punched quite so much, but it never gets old to feel the kicks and rolls of your little one at the most random moments in your day. Sometimes it's as if he/she's attempting to throw a dance party or rearrange your organs in there (oh wait, they are doing that) but still, it's incredible every time. 

10. Bringing joy

The anticipation of the joy you’re bringing into the world-- there’s nothing like a baby to bring people together. The swoons from new grandparents, the care and love from your friends who have seen you through the best and worst, and the idea that you will be a part of raising this little human. Yea, it's a lot to take in. But also...

In a time where we're surrounded by so much negativity, stress, and worry on a daily basis, it's easy to focus on the fear and wondering about how it will all go down and what will happen next. But you get to be a part of literally growing a human life, and that's pretty amazing. 

10 Perks of Being Pregnant

So basically, whether you've been swimming in cute onesies or a nightmare of aches, pains, bedrest, and anxiety, there are positives to this journey that all women can share.

Most importantly, at the end of this roller coaster, your life will be transformed in the second you hold that perfect little blessing in your arm.  

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HA. Yea. It's hard, but you can do it