The Biggest Reason To Print Your Photos

Did you know...

...that printing and displaying your photographs is more valuable than just artwork for your home?

...that it's bigger than capturing memories or milestones?

...that the beauty goes beyond the actual product on display? 

I've talked about the importance of printing in other posts - why digital is great, but it's nothing like a printed picture. After all, when your kids are grown and want to reminisce about their childhood, will you crowd around the computer?

What good are your professional pictures if they're sitting in a case, buried in a box underneath your cluttered desk? 

"Man, I can't wait to pass down this  2048px x 1536px image file to my grandkids."

-no one ever

I read an article about a year ago that really struck my interest. It was a detailed study with input and research from psychologists and childhood experts about how family pictures can actually boost your child's self-esteem. 

This, to me, is huge. 

It touches on the idea that we display our childrens' accomplishments to show them we value what they’ve done - the good grades they receive in school, the fantasies they've dreamed with their crayons - but what about showing kids you value them for just being who they are? 

That's where photographs become so vital.

Photographs that show them being happy, playful, hugged and loved.

Not perfect.

Not posed and forced.

Just real. Themselves. 

People say a picture is worth 1,000 words, and I believe that's wholeheartedly true. Every great image tells a story of a time and place, a behavior, a mindset, a relationship. And when you print those images and display them in your home, they also speak volumes to your kids in ways you may not even realize. 

The Message Behind Your Family Portrait on Display

You are important

You are valued. 

You are unique

Seeing you makes me smile. 

You are part of this family. 

You belong in this home. 

You deserved to be celebrated. 

You are a work of art. 

This stage of our lives is special. 

I'm proud of you. 

The Bottom Line

Children see things simply. They learn through the examples of what we show them as valuable. They grow from experiences and their senses.

When they walk by that photo on the living room wall every day that shows their family laughing together, close and safe, they are constantly reassured and validated of that relationship, no matter the current circumstances surrounding it. When it's the last thing they see at night and the first image that greets them in the morning, they are subconsiously reminded that they are valued, accepted, and loved. 

This is priceless. 

It's just one more reason- and truly the most important reason-- to be consistent with not just scheduling family photos, but going the extra mile to invest in displaying those photographs in your home. In turn, you're doing a lot more than filling an empty wall. You're impacting your children by saying,

"we're here and we love you."

Is it time to book your next family session? 

If it's been too long since your family was photographed, learn more about a family session with Firefly Photography by sending me a message. I can answer any questions or concerns you may have holding you back and we'll capture some images you'll cherish forever. :-)