Simplifying Your Locations for Everyday Baby Photography

So I was organizing and printing some of our personal pictures for Kira's album and wanted to share a simple tip for regular, home photos that capture your growing kiddos on a day to day basis. It has to do with location and it's probably the opposite of everything you've ever thought about photography.


You want to get a great, updated shot of your baby because she just got the cutest outfit from Grandma and she's just growing up so stinkin' fast! So you think, I need a nice sunny day, maybe a bed of flowers to put her in front of or a scenic hill, right? NOOOOOO. Huge misconception. All you need is a little light and a small, clean area. After all, the focus is that cute babe, not scenery. 

Exhibit A: 

I started taking all of Kira's monthly photos in this small corner of our guest room bed. There's two windows, light colored walls, and a white bedspread. You'd never guess that the other corners of this room are cluttered with crafting supplies and office tools. It works because it's clean, airy, and simple.

When the goal is literally just to capture her growth and changing expressions with a few updated frames, this is a great way to accomplish that tastefully and with about zero stress or prep. Are they perfectly lit or composed or edited? Definitely not. But again, this is real life, people. And for real life, every day, must capture these precious baby toes kindof moments, a go-to/simple/works in every season or weather option is the perfect solution. 

(bows by Miss Giggle Buns- see featured vendor post here)

Exhibit B: 

These were all taken in a tiny little nook in the side of my yard. To the left is the siding of our house. On the right are a bunch of houses, water drain, and electric box. Behind those trees is a parking lot and road. and behind my camera is our tall fence and a bunch of weeds. (Don't judge- I'm not into landscaping right now). The area we used to shoot is literally the size of that blanket she's laying on but the sun poking through the trees and the clean look of the greenery in the background was all I needed! 

(tutus and hairband by Joellery's - see featured vendor post here)

I hope this little insight helps open your mind to the amazing possibilities for beautiful photos in the most unusual places that could be staring you in the face every day! Obviously with toddlers and older kids, you need a bit more space because chances are, there's no sitting pretty on a blanket for more than 2 seconds. And really, why would you want them to if that's not their normal behavior? Why capture that? But that's beside the point. 

For babies, all you need is a little light and a small, simple scene to make their joyful smiles the focus of it all. Click away!