A Spring Proposal at Blandy Farm

I remember Brandon's bike lying in my yard as a kid. I've watched him play little league football with my little brother and cheered with him from war-painted faces on Friday nights at our high school football games. My brother and he danced a fire on the floor at my wedding.

But one month ago today, I met Brandon at Blandy Farm in Boyce, VA for a very unique purpose. On a sunny Friday evening, we scouted the grounds and planned how I was to capture one of the most important moments of his life thus far - proposing to the love of his life. 

The following day brought gloomy and consistant rain, but Brandon was determined to pop the question on their 7 year anniversary and I knew that even if it was pouring, the moment would be perfect. They spent the day together in DC and Brandon planned to casually insist a pit-stop on their way home to the farm that Xandra, his future bride, had always wanted to see. 

Just as I parked at the location, there was a break in the rain and a slight glow began to peek through the clouds. I wiggled my way into a designated bush - which was naturally thorny and wedged in a puddle - to maneuver the perfect spot where I'd be hidden from sight but still have a view of the couple. Not an easy task. Because of the rain, there were little other visitors but as the seconds ticked by, suddenly a maitenance man started rummaging through a door right behind the spot Brandon would be proposing any minute. I awkwardly snuck out of the bush and rushed over to the man to urgently explain the pending events and ask (tell) him to kindly move. Crisis averted. Back to the thorn bush. 

Car doors slammed. Brandon and Xandra strolled along the puddled stone sidewalks. I couldn't hear their words but the butterflies in my stomach were turning so I can't imagine what it was like for him. She was completely oblivious until they stopped in front of the grand stone archway for a moment. 

He dropped to one knee.

She gasped.

He gave her the ring.

She beamed.

He swept her off her feet.

And that ring? Well done, sir. WELL DONE.

I am so thrilled for this incredible couple to kick off the next stage of their relationship. It was an honor and an amazing experience to be a part of such a big moment in their lives! 

Congratulations Brandon & Xandra!!

Send some love and well wishes of your own to the newly engaged lovebirds in the comments below!