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Featured: Sun-Kissed Summer Engagement with Nate and Loghan

I couldn't let summer fade without one last hurrah of celebrating summer love on the blog. Meet Loghan and Nate - a couple sooo so dear to our family. Their story is one of many twists and turns, a story of God's perfect timing, and the wonderful reward that comes when we follow his voice in our hearts. 

After dating in high school, the relationship ended and they moved to separate states, moving on to other relationships and challenges, but always wondering about the other. Eventually, the stars aligned and when they decided years later to give it another go, they both fell fast in love. In having the chance to know these two intimately over the past year through our church life, I've had the privilege of watching them navigate that season from dating to engaged, to witness the core of how they support encourage one another. They've become close friends whom I admire and  will cheer on through every stage of life ahead, so to capture their engagement session and honor the start of this next season through that was just a real treat. 

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Featured: Niki + Thom Tie The Knot - Part 1

About one month ago, I made the trek up to the little town of Martinsburg, WV to capture these two lovebirds committing their lives to one another. (You can read a little more about their back story and how we came to know one another in this post of their engagement session.) This wedding may look a little different than all the big, fancy, dreamy days we see flooding the internet, and that's exactly why I wanted to feature it: Niki and Thom chose to focus on their marriage. They pulled together their wedding in months and focussed on creating a day full of love that honored their families, each other, and God. The kept things simple, leaned on the talents of their friends, and made their own rules. It was perfect. 

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Featured: Niki + Thom's Engagement Session

When asked the thing she loves most about her future husband, Niki paused for a moment... as if thinking through all the possibilities and choosing her words so carefully. She responded with a careful sureness, 'he's my safe place.'

And when we finally met for their engagement session in February, it couldn't have been clearer. The way the meshed seemed as natural as breathing.

Since Niki and Thom live in Winchester and I'm located in Charlottesville, we decided to meet halfway in Harrisonburg, VA for their engagement shoot. They were so incredibly laid back, communicating that their style was simple and fun, so we met at a park and explored the surroundings together while laughing and chatting about their relationship. And I mention laughing, but really, we were laughing the whole time. Their easy sense of humor with one another was the first thing I noticed about them, so I really wanted to capture how playful and goofy the are! Those qualities go a long way in a marriage! Having fun in front of a camera isn't always easy, but I was so glad they trusted me to relax and be themselves. 

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Featuring: The Landi's Pregnancy Reveal

When Danielle and Dan contacted me about doing a shoot to announce their long-awaited pregnancy to family and friends, I immediately became giddy. I swear, right there in my seat as I read her email. I was super excited to work with them for this joy filled occasion.

In our pre-planning phone call, she told me a little more about their story and how she and her husband, Dan, had been trying for 2 years to have a child. Over the holidays, they discovered the wonderful news that they were expecting! After so much anticipation, they knew family and friends would be thrilled and they wanted to announce it to them in a really fun way. 

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Featured: Neal + Eunice Tie the Knot

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to connect with new families and glimpse into their story. This couple has an incredible one. 

I came to know them after photographing the groom's sister, Sarah, and her husband after they welcomed their new baby boy. It's such a honor to be involved in not just one, but several milestones for a family that I just couldn't pass up the opportunity when they came to me about photographing this wedding. 

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Featured: Lee & Hope's Fall Anniversary Session

Getting to know Lee & Hope over the past year through our church's worship team has been an incredible treat. Young, in love, willing to laugh and be silly, and overflowing with support for one other's talents and goals, they are wonderful examples of faithful marriage. Lee first contacted me about wanting to surprise Hope with a photoshoot for their 3 year anniversary - he said she'd been wanting to do one and knew this would be special for her.  They also always take a few days off around their anniversary to spend together and do something fun to reconnect. The sweetest, right!?

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Featured: Jake + Heather - fall proposal at UVA

Get ready to cheer and pop the champagne because even if you don't know Jake and Heather already, this sweet and classic proposal session will make you root for them right down the aisle. 

I met Jake about 8 years ago when he and my brother started playing football together at UVA. The two of them quickly became each other's right-hand-man and while they were absolutely nuts together, there's no better kind of friendship in my opinion so I liked him from the start. Fast forward to after graduation, real jobs have set in, no more Halloween parties at Boylan Heights... but one thing hasn't changed: Jake is still in love with Heather. 

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What I Learned in my First Month of Marriage

With our 4 year anniversary coming up tomorrow, I am (surprise) feeling nostalgic. I think of how it all started with this man and where we are now-- a road I never could have imagined even though God surely did.

A little background:

For those who don't know our story, here's a brief background: 

After 10 months of dating long distance, seeing each other on weekends, taking short trips together on time off from school or work, meeting each other's families, and falling crazy in love, he popped the question while on leave from training in December 2010. I was in my senior year of college and he was about to move to Hawaii. Buried in our own lives of graduate school in Virginia vs. hazardous military missions in undisclosed locations - our lives were worlds apart in more ways than one but we somehow spent that year and a half engagement growing even closer.

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8 Tips for Photographing A Proposal

Around this time last year, I began the very sneaky business of helping a friend/groom plan the perfect proposal. In all fairness, he planned it. I was brought in to photograph it. But in order to pull it off, we had to manage some important logistics and planning was key for the surprise element. In the process, I picked up some crucial pointers that I thought might be helpful for other photographers gearing up to capture a couple's big moment.

Given the season of love and the likelihood that there will be a few proposals taking place this weekend (wink wink), I figured this would be an ideal time to share the knowledge! 

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A Spring Proposal at Blandy Farm

I remember Brandon's bike lying in my yard as a kid. I've watched him play little league football with my little brother and cheered with him from war-painted faces on Friday nights at our high school football games. My brother and he danced a fire on the floor at my wedding. But one month ago today, I met Brandon at Blandy Farm in Boyce, VA for a very unique purpose. On a sunny Friday evening, we scouted the grounds and planned how I was to capture one of the most important moments of his life thus far - proposing to the love of his life. 

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