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How do you model “having your picture taken?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this:

“Every time I get their camera out, my kids either make goofy faces and get all awkward or run away.”

Let's troubleshoot that by asking one big question :

Do *you* make silly faces and get all awkward in front of the camera?

Do *you* pose and stick out your tongue when you take a selfie?

Do *you* widen your grin and stiffen up?

Do *you* run away when someone asks you to be in a photo?

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Your Maternity Session Is Not About Your Bump

Maternity photos used to be unheard of. Now they're trendy. And because of that, there's this huge misconception surrounding maternity sessions - what they're supposed to look like, how you're supposed to dress, ya da ya da ya.

We've been conditioned, slowly but surely, to believe that a maternity session is a right of passage when you get pregnant. We follow this cookie cutter model and curl our hair and buy a new dress and imagine the dreamy, backlit glow.

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What's in my (camera) bag

Tis the season for giving, receiving, and sharing, so for those of you looking to upgrade, invest, or just start into the world of professional photography, I wanted to share a peak into my photography gear arsenal. 


It's important to consider your specific needs, goals, and purpose for the gear you invest in, before you do the investing. When I first decided to jump into professional photography, I was intimidated by the price tag for this professional gear (mega-understatement alert), but I also knew that I was determined to be a professional so I needed to learn on pro-level gear to capture and deliver the kind of images I wanted to offer in my dream business.

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How To: Find the Right Photographer for YOU

Over the past 10 years, big-box-studios have slowly trickled out of business and out of public favor, only to be replaced by the growing popularity of custom photography. Consequently, consumers have more and more choices apart from theme-y backdrops and stiff poses.

Personalization is the trademark of the 21st century. If you're like me, though, sometimes too many choices can be a little overwhelming.

With so many photographers offering so many different styles, products, experiences, and price ranges,

how are you supposed to sort out what you actually need/want in order to be happy with the end result? 

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