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It's not for everyone, but is it for you?

Time after time, I hear people say - 

"I don't want pictures of myself around the house."

"Photoshoots are just so awkward"

"I’d be self-conscious, I’m not a model, I'm not good enough at posing..."

"I just want one good shot for the Christmas card" 

They look at my photos and they don't understand why everyone's not looking at the camera, or why there's hair in front of the kids face, or someone's head is cropped out of the frame. 

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What's the difference between Lifestyle and Documentary Photography?

These terms are often used interchangeably, because on a surface level, both are used to describe images that look relaxed and natural. But there's really a lot more to it than that. Let's actually pull these terms apart and break down the difference between a "lifestyle" session and a "documentary" session so you can begin to see and think about what style really suits you best. 

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The Tale of Book Ends: Embracing Spontaneity in Life and in Photos

When we moved to Hawaii, we settled in a quiet, beach town called Kailua on Oahu in which I could walk from our tiny apartment a mile in any direction and have the sand and ocean on my feet or a cup of coffee and a bagel in my hand. Upon moving, we quickly became regulars at an adorable coffee shop call Morning Brew and during the week, I would often tote my laptop and photography books there, set up shop at a table by an open window adjacent from the school yard where I wasn't employing my degree, and buckle down on my new education with a cup of chai spiced determination. 


On days when that brand of fuel didn't seem to cut it, I would head next door to another local joint called Book Ends. Boy, did it feed my soul.

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What I Learned in my First Month of Marriage

With our 4 year anniversary coming up tomorrow, I am (surprise) feeling nostalgic. I think of how it all started with this man and where we are now-- a road I never could have imagined even though God surely did.

A little background:

For those who don't know our story, here's a brief background: 

After 10 months of dating long distance, seeing each other on weekends, taking short trips together on time off from school or work, meeting each other's families, and falling crazy in love, he popped the question while on leave from training in December 2010. I was in my senior year of college and he was about to move to Hawaii. Buried in our own lives of graduate school in Virginia vs. hazardous military missions in undisclosed locations - our lives were worlds apart in more ways than one but we somehow spent that year and a half engagement growing even closer.

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If This House Could Talk

Exactly this time last year, we were moving out of our 1000 square foot, two bedroom apartment and into our first home. Together, we were a woman giddy with excitement, spilling over with dreams, and dewey from a growing baby 4 months in the oven + a man, proud and ambitious with projects and possibility.

Built in the 1960's, we walked through our empty rooms wondering what memories were baked into the brick adorning the end unit town-home, what little hands and feet had brushed by its front door with backpacks and bicycles, what furry paws had played in the shady, fenced yard. But we also wondered what stories we would contribute, what mark we would make in whatever time this house would be ours. 

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More than "good enough"

When I first broke out my Nikon d800 from its crisp packaging, it felt like a heavy, expensive hurricane was washing me off my feet. My husband and I talked about our dreams often, and somehow the idea of making money photographing kids and families always found its way into the conversation. I had just finished working my butt off to graduate from a one-year masters program in Secondary Education, so that was obviously my plan. I would be a teacher.

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My Dark History with the Easter Bunny

We are all ashamed of something in our past. A moment when we've found ourselves in a situation and thought -- "how did I get here??" The key is to take those moments in the valley and find a way to climb out on top. To use our lows as ammunition, as fuel to drive us to a higher goal.

One of those moments in my life occurred as I looked out of the netted, sweat-soaked fur of a giant Easter Bunny costume. That's right, folks.

I. Was. The. Easter. Bunny. 

Let me explain. 

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Secret Single Behaviors: Married/Mom Edition

The term SSB- or "Secret Single Behavior" was first geniusly coined by one dear Carrie Bradshaw in an early 2000's episode of Sex and the City. Somewhat self explanatory, it describes the somewhat embarrassing but comforting behaviors we fall into whenever there's no one else around. Said behaviors usually involve walking around naked or eating/drinking things out of their native containers. My brother recently confided that he made a box of mac and cheese and a package of fat free chocolate pudding for dinner on one such occasion (sorry bro, secret's out.) Solid SSB.

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An Open Letter: To My Husband After Kids

To my husband (after kids), 

I didn't think it was possible to love you any more, but as you held my hand and actually made me laugh mid-labor, I realized I was wrong. 

Having a baby changed our whole lives, that part is undeniable. And sometimes I miss the freedom that came with just winging a date night out or long movie marathons cuddled on the couch with wine and homemade cookies. 

But now I have something else. 

I have the sight of you making her laugh as yo

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The Full Picture

It’s easy to covet the colors of a frozen moment. In fact, that's one of the things I adore about photography--the ability to steal moments and keep them cozy forever, to see the beauty of one expression amidst the story swirling around it. But we often forget that there is a story surrounding those pretty colors and snapshots. We become wrapped in their perfection and it cripples the confidence.

I’m a photographer. But peek into my life and you won’t find a bright, white coffee table with pops of color and artfully scattered paperclips beside my open, leather-bound journal.

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