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Your Maternity Session Is Not About Your Bump

Maternity photos used to be unheard of. Now they're trendy. And because of that, there's this huge misconception surrounding maternity sessions - what they're supposed to look like, how you're supposed to dress, ya da ya da ya.

We've been conditioned, slowly but surely, to believe that a maternity session is a right of passage when you get pregnant. We follow this cookie cutter model and curl our hair and buy a new dress and imagine the dreamy, backlit glow.

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Featured: Lifestyle Newborn Session with Baby Noah

It's always one of my greatest pleasures when the people dear to my life hire me to capture the milestones that are dear in theirs. Rachel and Jason came into my life through The Point Church when we started attending community group together over a year ago, so I was lucky enough to get to know them prior to parenthood and learn about their story and their hearts. 

I watched the Lord's hand in their lives as they settled from a move into their new life in Charlottesville, started new jobs, bought their first home, and then discovered they had a baby on the way! They are both such selfless individuals and we always joke that even though Jason is quiet and reserved, he's the wisest man in our circle because when he does speak, it's either incredibly profound or incredibly witty. Or both! These two are such a sweet match and it's been a joy to walk through this journey with them and capture their next big adventure unfolding. Baby Noah is surrounded by love and support and we can't wait to watch him grow over the years!

Enjoy some favorites from Rachel and Jason's maternity and newborn sessions and experience some true happiness from these new parents today <3 

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Waiting for #2: A Documentary Maternity Session with the Pagels family

With a 1 year old boy and a girl on the way, along with preparing to move and start a new job, the season of right now is so unique for them. They cherish their quiet Saturdays, going on walks in their neighborhood, playing in the backyard, making smoothies, and especially reading books together in the nursery.

So that’s what we captured.

How cool will it be for their little girl to see her mom, right down in the sandpit with her older brother -- to get to peek into the home her parents first made their own and how life looked before she arrived?!

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Featured: Alex and Steve's Maternity Session

After hanging up from our planning call several months ago, I thought to myself - "oh, they're going to be fun."

Alex's personality is so down to earth and her openness and excitement for our shoot was so energizing! Like most couples, Alex and Steve hadn't had photos together since their wedding, which left a sour taste in their mouth (that inside joke is for them ;-) ). I was anxious to give them an experience that suited their style, was comfortable and enjoyable, and created images that they could hold dear as the beginning of their next adventure. 

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Featured: Awaiting Baby Emilia

Thanks to a mild winter, this January maternity session was less shivers and more laughter and play as mom (Maribeth) and dad (Justin) excitedly await the birth of their daughter, Emilia. It's pretty clear to see that big sister, Liza, is going to be so enamored when the little one arrives as she was already anxious to touch, kiss, and hear baby move. Liza had us running over hills, swinging down lanes, and chasing across fields during the course of our shoot, but this mama hung in with a joyful spirit, embracing the moments before 3 become 4! 

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Featuring: The Landi's Pregnancy Reveal

When Danielle and Dan contacted me about doing a shoot to announce their long-awaited pregnancy to family and friends, I immediately became giddy. I swear, right there in my seat as I read her email. I was super excited to work with them for this joy filled occasion.

In our pre-planning phone call, she told me a little more about their story and how she and her husband, Dan, had been trying for 2 years to have a child. Over the holidays, they discovered the wonderful news that they were expecting! After so much anticipation, they knew family and friends would be thrilled and they wanted to announce it to them in a really fun way. 

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Being A New Mom Means...

Though my almost 6 month old baby is a very real part of my daily life now, I still sometimes look at her with amazement and can't believe she's ours. She has changed my world so completely and in the most unpredictable ways. This is a list of just a few of the little, behind-the-scenes things I've discovered in the short 6 months of motherhood to tag on to the job description:  

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