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You're not a bad mom

No one created these “rules of good mother-ing,” but somehow we get ideas into our head about these insane expectations. From the way we live our lives day to day to the pictures we take and share… the world can be full of pressure. So in case you need permission to go against the grain, allow me to remind you—

You're not a bad mom if you choose to skip taking monthly milestone photos and stats of your pregnancy or baby's first year.

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Our Weekend Family Getaway : Guide to Williamsburg with Kids

We are so blessed in Virginia to live so close to so many wonderful destinations. We have found such a home here in Charlottesville, but sometimes, ya just need to get away. When a rare but open weekend presented itself on the calendar, amidst a rainy forecast and desperate desire to slow down for a change, we booked a random little getaway to Williamsburg, VA.

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One Photo One Story : Pops

My dad, a man of tough skin and hard boundaries, turns into a complete marshmallow when he's around our Kira. As he carried her bundled against his leather Harley jacket into this adorably cheesy walkthrough Christmas light park, my mind flashed back to my childhood riding shotgun in my daddy's pickup, to hard conversations and teenage years, to his story and pain and struggles, and click.

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Our Christmas Story

We crawled into bed on Christmas Eve after filling her stocking, the four of us cuddled in one room of my in-laws' house in PA (my husband, myself, our 2 year old in her sleeping back on the floor, and our 50lb dog on the end of our bed), and whispered about our morning plan and how we were way more excited than she was.

Christmas with a toddler is full of such magic -- creating new traditions, baking, playing games, telling stories, navigating travel and family and a little chaos -- it's a whirlwind in the best way. 

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A Letter to my 2 Year Old

To my honey,

People always say they want time to slow down, to press pause... and there are surely things about this season I will miss, but I am also fascinated by watching you grow. With every new milestone I cheer you on in wonder at how much, and how quickly, you're learning.

Yes, you're growing up-- but you're growing up to be an caring, strong, and curious girl. The world needs more of that!

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