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How I Fell in Love with Documentary Photography

I'm flipping through my daughter's 1 year photo album- filled to bursting with images from our first days together, monthly milestone images from the same angle of her laying on the same white bed to show her growth, stats of her height and weight and favorite foods, mini sessions I've set up to show off her adorable little outfits or a specific holiday. I fall in love over and over again with every page.

But it's the picture of her napping on my husband's chest that makes my fingers pause. It's her tiny feet flung high in the air from the slots of a swing that I want to pull and frame because there's something about it that instantly makes me feel nostalgic, to recall the peace at the empty neighborhood park and the sound of her wild giggle filling the warm, spring air.

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Tips for Surviving and Thriving as a First Year Photographer

People keep asking me, "how long have you been doing this?" 

And that's an odd question, one that should be simple but for me to answer, but I'm finding actually quite complicated. 

First, what is this?

Photographing? Since I was in middle school and my friends and I would stage mini photo shoots and short films as our favorite extra-curricular activity. 

Running a business as a professional photographer? Technically... about to hit the 5 year mark but I have a hard time actually legitimizing that. See, my first "year of business" was for lack of a better phrase... kind of like an idea tornado. Others might call it a sh-- show.

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5 Ways to Sabotage your Family Photoshoot

If you're nervous about your photoshoot, that's understandable -- I won't sugar coat it. You've invested your money into a luxury service and you don't really know what to expect. Moods, weather, the hair color your stylist decides to try out on you... it's all unpredictable. I get it. 

My job, however, is to negate that as much as possible by providing suggestions for how to handle the things you can control and leave the rest up to me with confidence. In 2015, I wrote about 5 ways to Sabotage Your Family Session, but I felt like it could use an update. Some of the advice is the same (cough, #2) but I've also gathered a few new suggestions that rose to the top of the list. With that, here's my current list of the worst things you can do during your family photoshoot.

Seriously, avoid them at all costs. I call them the "session-killers." Proceed with caution. 

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What Firefly and Fixer Upper Have in Common

Want to know a secret? My girl crush is Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. #notashamed. 

I am so inspired by not only her creative eye and shabby-chic style, but also her heart for her family, playful spirit, and hustle to use her talents to serve others in a business she created from the ground up. While watching the show one evening, (my guilty pleasure whenever I get control of the remote) I started thinking about the values that Joanna and Chip project through their work and to my delight, realized they actually have a lot in common with what I aim to offer through Firefly!

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What Your Client Experience and a Warm, Chocolate Chip Cookie Have in Common

It was a weeknight after Kira had gone to bed, and while I'm typically pretty protective of evening hours for family and relaxation time, it had been a particularly busy week with an infant on nap strike, so mommy duty was taking over work time during the day. I had a few tasks that were time sensitive and needed completing asap, so I buckled down after dinner to play catch up in my office. I love my work, so it wasn't like this was a terrible imposition, but I was tired and needed some extra mojo to push me through those last evening hours.

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Directing vs. Posing - How I Capture Natural Expressions

My job is to capture the sparkle of life, the love between a family, the personality bursting from child's mischievous grin. You don't achieve those moments through direction like "sit here," "say cheese," or "don't move." I want my images for you to be natural, yet flattering-- not staged and awkward. Not to mention, wouldn't you rather reflect upon those interactions, those carefree and laughable moments? And when we look at advertisements, are we not drawn more to images that say something about the type of person wearing those clothes or using that product than a flat image of the product itself? When you look back on your images from a session with me, I want them to say something to you about who you were in that season of life. 

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Hiring the right newborn photographer for your style: Studio vs. In-Home Sessions

Newborn photography has seen a tremendous rise in popularity since the '90's when Anne Geddes pioneered the genre with swoon-worthy images of little babes floating on clouds and wrapped up in pea pods. Today, newborn photography has become something that's almost a given-- like wedding photography, many never think twice about the value of hiring a professional to capture the milestone of a new child. The genre itself, however, has evolved as the demand for newborn photographers rose and artists began to craft their own looks.

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Shooting Tip for Photographing Energetic Kids

In order to photograph kids in a way that showcases their personalities and creates a positive experience,  it’s part of my job as the photographer to engage with them on their level, become a trusted friend, and inspire fun all within just an hour’s time! It’s a tall order and while it may look like just running around and snapping away to the random bystander, there’s a lot of purposeful interaction and choices I make throughout a shoot to ensure my energy and engagement meets each individual child’s needs. They are all different and unique after all, and I never want a child to feel uncomfortable or scared during their shoot with me.

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