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3 things you can do with your digital photo collection

First: My #1 Tip for Managing Your Personal Digital Files

We all want the digital archive of all our photos at our fingertips — and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you think ahead, past sharing on social media, our finger tips won’t always be on this Earth, and neither will our devices. After learning to manage my own family photo library and delivering hundreds of thousands of photos each year to my families and local businesses, I’ve discovered the truth about photo quantity.

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Product Spotlight : Softcover Books

This is one of the most popular choices for family sessions, but are great way to enjoy favorites from just about any kind of session option. Softcover books are a smaller footprint and lower price point than the heirloom album, but still with excellent durability and design. It can incorporate up to 30 of your favorite images from any session, woven together to tell a full story, including your favorite image on the cover with custom text.

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Top Photographer Tips for Designing Photo Books

You're probably are like me and several thousand personal images on your phone and/or a library of double that sitting on your computer. Milestones are the big moments we tend to make a real effort for printing-

but the everyday messes, the day-trips, the holiday photos, the silly faces, they're part of your heritage, too.

It's just inevitable that this growing number becomes overwhelming and all the memories we were so intentional about capturing, never actually make it into our hands, and instead, get lost in cyberspace. 

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Product Spotlight: Storyteller Frame

It's the perfect way to display multiple favorite images in a small footprint. I also love that it provides a place to enjoy those little baby feet or a silly giggle face on the wall as part of a larger story, without committing to a huge full gallery wall. 

These frames are so versatile, which makes them a great choice for transitional young families. 

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Featured Product: Heirloom Albums

Part of the Firefly experience that I am especially proud of is the additional step of service I provide in which clients are able to choose the best displays of their favorite images to enjoy in their homes and share with others. The efficiency of the process and quality of products is something I make a top priority for busy families. New parents in particular are sleep deprived and focussed on meeting basic needs, not spending hours choosing services and designing a photo book of their newborn images. 

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The One Thing Everyone Does When They Enter A Home

You little social butterfly, you've been invited to dinner. You're going over for a playdate. You're taking some fresh-baked cookies to a new neighbor.

Whether you're in their home for 2 minutes or 2 days, I can almost guarantee there's one thing you do every time without fail within the first few seconds you enter. I know because I do it too. It's inevitable. Your eyes dart around and you always notice one thing that holds your glance. 

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What to Expect at your Reveal + Ordering Session

Part of my goal with Firefly Photography has always been to go above and beyond what is "expected" or "ordinary." I want to use this business to reach people in a special way, to make them feel valued, respected, and important--because they are! I want to provide people with a true product and service that reflects the beautiful moments I'm called to capture with quality and care. Part of that experience comes in the form of the "reveal session." 

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The Biggest Reason To Print Your Photos

I read an article about a year ago that really struck my interest. It was a detailed study with input and research from psychologists and childhood experts about how family pictures can actually boost your child's self-esteem. 

This, to me, is huge. 

It touches on the idea that we display our childrens' accomplishments to show them we value what they’ve done - the good grades they receive in school, the fantasies they've dreamed with their crayons - but what about showing kids you value them for just being who they are? That's where photographs become so vital.

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Tips for starting your Project 365

In March of 2014, I began a Project 365 that ended up capturing one of the most transitional years of my life, and taught me to love photography in new ways.

This sort of project has become popular in recent years and I am a huge advocate. It is so incredible to look back on some aspect of life throughout a whole year as it progress through the seasons, through the highlights, the news, the changes, the holidays, even the mundane daily chores and tasks that seem so incredibly unpicturesque in the moment - something about revisiting those moments a year later breeds appreciation and gratefulness on a whole new level.

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Now Available: Firefly Gift Certificates

If you’d like to give a thoughtful gift to someone you love for a major milestone or special occasion, Firefly gift certificates are available for purchase to cover session fees or any customizable amount to use towards beautiful heirloom keepsakes and prints. To purchase, just contact me with questions or desired gift request so we can work out the details and you'll be mailed one of these beauties to pass on.

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