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Madison + Ryan's Wedding at Blue Valley Vineyard

The overwhelming emotion of the day from start to finish was JOY.

Joy while the relaxed bridal party sipped mimosas during hair and makeup at their luxurious farmhouse Air BnD and jammed to Taylor Swift.

Joy as a daddy tried to remain stoic while holding his beautiful baby girl in a wedding dress.

Joy as the groom and groomsmen told epic wedding stories and joy as guests filed in under bright blue skies on a warm June day with the slightest breeze.

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Featured : Nate + Loghan's Panorama Farms Wedding

Ahhh summer love. Virginia hills. Dancing the night away. Sweet tea and sparklers.

This wedding was all the rustic vibes you can dream of, but the best part? By far, it was the tangible, emotional love that could be felt by the bride and groom.

Nathan and Loghan are dear friends of ours, (the kind we trust to watch our kid for date nights and our dog when we're traveling, because they're that darn lovable). To capture their vows and the sentiment of this big day was such an honor. 

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Featured: Niki + Thom Tie The Knot - Part 1

About one month ago, I made the trek up to the little town of Martinsburg, WV to capture these two lovebirds committing their lives to one another. (You can read a little more about their back story and how we came to know one another in this post of their engagement session.) This wedding may look a little different than all the big, fancy, dreamy days we see flooding the internet, and that's exactly why I wanted to feature it: Niki and Thom chose to focus on their marriage. They pulled together their wedding in months and focussed on creating a day full of love that honored their families, each other, and God. The kept things simple, leaned on the talents of their friends, and made their own rules. It was perfect. 

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Featured: Neal + Eunice Tie the Knot

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting to connect with new families and glimpse into their story. This couple has an incredible one. 

I came to know them after photographing the groom's sister, Sarah, and her husband after they welcomed their new baby boy. It's such a honor to be involved in not just one, but several milestones for a family that I just couldn't pass up the opportunity when they came to me about photographing this wedding. 

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Why I Will Always Walk Into The Creek
"We really love this bridge down the road, do you think we could do some shots there?" 

This question came from the bride during a break in the clouds of a rainy wedding day. Dew soaked the grass and sparkled over the rocks as we made the trek during cocktail hour, full bridal party in accompaniment, to the woods to explore this bridge. I had never been to this venue before the wedding day, never scouted this particular spot, but saying 'no' was not an option. It seemed like it was a simple enough request. 

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Featured: Brittany + Mike / Wedding at Cabell's Mill

While families and kids are the main focus of Firefly, every now and then I'm introduced to a couple who I feel is a great fit and I leave my little portrait circle to venture into the world of wedding photography. From our early communication last summer, I immediately knew Brittany and Mike would be an awesome couple to work with, and luckily, they wanted to work with me too! Since they live about 2 hours from Charlottesville, we did all our planning prior to the event via facetime, but their laid-back attitudes and playful approach to the day came across so easily and made me even more excited to capture their event. 

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The Willis's Fall Vow Renewal in Scottsville, VA

It is always a extra special dose of joy when I have the chance to photograph friends. I met Niki and Paul last year when we started attending The Point for church and Niki blew my mind with her incredible vocals. I got to know her and her family through the worship team from then on and not only are they selfless and faithful people, they are loving examples of strong marriage and parenting. They decided to renew their vows for their 20th anniversary and even though I was only a few weeks away from due date with little Kira, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture their special day. 

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Ryan + Kristen's Whitehall Manor Wedding

When Kristen emailed me about capturing her wedding to long time high-school sweet-heart Ryan, I was ecstatic. This is more than a random couple - we went to multiple homecomings and proms together, I danced to bubbly pop music at summer lake-house parties with Kristen, and painted Ryan's face for more than one loud-crowd Friday night football game.  Though weddings are not my central focus as a photographer, I was beyond honored that she chose to hire me for their big day, as a both a photographer and friend, and I knew that the celebration would be one full of love, laughter, and memorable dance moves. 

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