The One Thing Everyone Does When They Enter A Home


You've been invited to dinner. You're going over for a playdate. You're taking some fresh-baked cookies to a new neighbor. You're returning the baseball their son hit over your fence. 

Whether you're in their home for 2 minutes or 10 days,

I can almost guarantee there's one thing you do every time without fail within the first few seconds you enter.

I know because I do it too. It's inevitable. Your eyes dart around and you always notice one thing that holds your glance. 

The pictures on their walls. 

When people have pictures on display in their home, whether in a small cluster of frames, giant dramatic canvases, cards clipped to the refrigerator, or a photo book on the coffee table, your eye is draw and you want to look more.

You look closer.

You smile.

They're not even your family. You may not even know them. But if you go into someone's house, you automatically notice the pictures they have around their home, they draw you in, and you learn something about those people. 

Maybe it's wedding photos that tell a story of their style, where they're from, the people who are important to them, their sense of humor or formality, maybe even when they got married based on season or trends.

Or candid shots that speak about trips they've taken, hobbies they enjoy, pets they love, memories they cherish.


Even how they're displayed can say volumes about personal taste and lifestyle. 

You may not have thought of this when you hung your precious moments on the walls of your home, but images as artwork on display are more than just decoration -

they are one of the most immediate methods we have to convey our values.

They also subconsciously have a way of eliciting gratitude, warmth, and love to not only your own family as you pass by them daily, but to everyone who enters your home

So if you're ever feeling a little guilty about investing in another set of frames or another photo shoot or an heirloom album... remind yourself what it really means. Show your photos proudly in any way you can-- they are probably the most valuable and multipurpose "decor" you'll ever buy.