5 Tips for Tween Photoshoot Fun & Success

Tweens - a.k.a not kids anymore, but not full-fledged teenagers yet, either. They’ve got big ideas and big opinions. Whether getting ready for a solo portrait shoot, participating in yearly family photos, or just snapping photos with friends, tweens tend to care tremendously about their appearance and the details of the shoot--if even they don't show it. 

No longer are they willing to stand idly for Aunt Betty’s squeezed cheeks and ironed khaki’s look. These tips are especially helpful for all the tween girls out there : these simple tips will help you have the fun, expressive, and flattering experience you're hoping for in your next photoshoot--and particularly if it's with me!


5 Tips for Tween Photoshoot Fun & Success

1. Have fun getting ready

Enlist the help of a friend to do your make-up, borrow some jewelry from mom, put on some music and enjoy being the star of the show!

2. Wear something you love and bring extras

Choose something that’s your ‘go-to’ outfit, something that always makes you feel cute and confident, something that you know you love and wear regularly. But then, pick out some other favorites and pack a bag - yes, pack a bag for your photoshoot. Bring accessories you love- scarves, hats, jewelry, shoes, whatever you love — throw it in that bag because when we start playing at your photoshoot, we’ll pull out some of those accessories to add unique flair and mix up your look! 

3. Showcase your interests

Be sure to talk to your photographer before your shoot about things you love that make you unique. The more personal you can make the shoot, the better!

Do you love changing up your nails to funky colors? If she knows, she’ll be sure to style some poses that feature your latest color.

Love to dance? Maybe you can lace up the shoes and style something that features your favorite moves against some cool urban graffiti walls!

Into soccer? You could set up at a local field and grab some intense action shots from inside the goal or the bleachers!

Your likes and dislikes can greatly affect how your photographer suggests the styling of your shoot, from the location to wardrobe to props. If your bedroom a carefully curated work of poster art, why not have your photoshoot there?! Bookworms would be right at home in their favorite local bookstore! The possibilities are endless for creative opportunity when you pull from what makes you you and open your mind to new ideas. 


4. Speak up

Talk with your photographer during your shoot and let her know if something feels weird or uncomfortable, if you want to try a few shots with a certain accessory or prop, or if you have a cool idea or pose in mind! The shoot is supposed to be fun and creativity is highly encouraged because you are totally capable of contributing in a valuable way! The last thing you want is to wrap the shoot and think “I didn’t even get to do ____” or “I wish we hadn’t spent so much time on ____.

5. Don’t be afraid to let loose

These photos are about celebrating who you are inside, so don’t be afraid to let it shine! Just relax, enjoy yourself, and enjoy your time to be free, funky, spirited, lovely, or whatever else you want to be without anything or anyone to hold you back.

Take these tips to mind before the next time you pose for the camera and you're sure to enjoy your experience 10x more!!