5 Websites I'm On Every Day : resources for better home/work life management

As a mom, business owner, and photographer, I wear a lot of hats. I don't say that to toot my own horn or be a martyr by any means, because I know I'm not the only one who's juggling! That's why I wanted to share a little behind the scenes insight to the methods and tools I'm using to help keep my ship running smoothly. When I was first starting out, I dug my heals in about every new tool because I was just so overwhelmed. But with the growth of my clientele and the growth of my family, the value of time, effort, and quality have a whole new perspective. At any given time, I have about 20 different clients for multiple different session types (newborn, family, long distance extended family, documentary, etc. )engaged in some point of a 30+ step workflow soooo...

if I'm being candid, there's no way one (sane) brain can keep all that straight without dropping something.

I I now actively seek out methods to simplify and find the act of creating systems or learning a new tool daunting but exhilarating at the same time... I know, like who am I? But honestly, taking the time to implement these tools and strategies seems like a lot of work upfront, but in the long run, helps me engage and manage so much more efficiently so I can serve my clients, business, and family at my best! 

You could say that in a way, they minimize my workload and maximize my lifeload!

That is always worth the learning curve, in my opinion!

Here are 5 websites I'm on every day that directly impact my life and business:

**none of these sites are paying me for this recommendation ; all the links are strictly me sharing tools I love cause, well, I really use and love them!

1. Trello  


Trello is straight up your new lifesaver, you're welcome. Ok, so really, this is an organizational management tool that is essentially takes the old method of sticky notes and lists and puts it on steroids. It's the most comprehensive and applicable method of compiling everything in your brain into achievable categories and steps. Compete with labels, color coding, calendar scheduling, inter-employee sharing capability, multiple device syncing, and oh so much more. Seriously this tool is my jam and helps me everything in my brain straight, otherwise it would be a drowning mess up there. 

**A few months ago, I broke down my full strategy for using Trello which worked for me for a solid year, but again, with growth comes the need for updates! My system has since drastically evolved to include a whole other level of organizational obsessiveness. I wanted to put it to use for a while to make sure it was efficient before sharing but holy cannoli, it's working for me in amazing ways and I can wait to share Trello 2.0 with you soon so check back for that this winter!


2. Evernote

This is my go to for developing content, fleshing out brainstorms for articles or business planning, taking notes on educational resources/podcasts etc. to refer back to, etc. It's a pretty robust tool and in the past I've used it to keep track of receipts, plan my blog calendar, keep grocery lists/meal plans, and more but at this point, those things are delegated to other tools and evernote serves mostly as my brainstorm and content development hub. 


3. Inbox for Gmail

This is an app by gmail that makes bundling and moving through email super easy so I'm way less likely to get stuck in my inbox and overwhelmed. Especially if you're already a gmail user, this tool is so great for handling lots of messages in a visually approachable way so you can ditch the overwhelm when you log in and see an inbox of 279571987 emails. With messages pouring in constantly from client leads and communication, to newsletters for my favorite services, shops, and blogs, and personal reminders/contact from the dentist to daycare to my grandma's forwards, Inbox lets me easily or automatically sort, save, address or dismiss messages with straight efficiency. 


4. Creativelive

I've been an avid follower and learner of this content for years and owe a lot of my knowledge and growth to their free content and live streaming which got me going in the beginning. It's still my go to background content during editing sessions to learn something new and hear from other professionals in my field. There's not always live content that applies, but I always check if there's a new instructor or course I can check out and have purchased a few favorites that have immediately paid off in skills. 


5. Pinterest

Ok one personal one to wrap it up: Pinterest is generally my go to source for everything from that night's dinner to packaging inspiration, from rainy day crafts to email marketing tips. I'm still working to weed through my boards and only feature content I really love and use, but there's a ton of awesome resources on both my personal and business pages so feel free to check them out follow me there!


If you're a mama raising businesses and babies and want more recommendations for systemizing and thriving in your biz, click here to snag full list of resources I use regularly to keep the Firefly jar full and functioning!

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