Quality family photography is an investment, I get it. (It's one of the most important ones, in my opinion, but that's a different soapbox. (Like this one) When that family is growing and you've got a lot of other things on your plate, it's hard to commit to a full session. I understand that! But let's not let it stop you from capturing what's important before it slips away. When we look back on photographs from our past, we see details and feel things through them that may have otherwise been forgotten. They prompt us to tell more stories and grip onto happiness, nostalgia, sometimes even pain or sadness-- they are a launchpad for our heritage and the stories that will live on through generations. And that begins with capturing the life you're in right now. 

I want to make capturing life's little moments SUPER accessible and show you the power of investing in your heritage.

SO for the month of JULY ONLY, I'm introducing


While school is out and the weather's hot, capture the best of your summer memories with a short and sweet session that's all about your family and the real life moments that you hold dear. These sessions : 

  • last 30-45 minutes long: perfect for one family activity like playing baseball in the yard, a beach picnic, mommy/daughter pedicures and smoothies, evening hangs on the front porch with lemonade and sidewalk chalk, a trip to your favorite ice cream shop... Nothing is "too boring" or "too simple," and your kids are never too old to show them you love the time you spend together- if it means something to you, it's worth capturing. 
  • take place on Tuesday/Thursday mornings 
  • watermarked gallery for download and social media
  • 5.5x5.5 softcover archival keepsake book 

all fooooor (drumroll, please)


Don't wait for something drastic to happen. There doesn't have to be a huge milestone or big life change. Show yourself and your children that the little things are important, too, by capturing them and reliving them forever together. 

If you think 30-45 minutes is not enough for your awesome family and all the activities you want to capture, don't worry! I still have my regular lifestyle and documentary sessions available at any time (weekends included). You can see the details for that HERE and read more about the full service experience in the Firefly Session Guide Magazine