What to Expect at your Reveal + Ordering Session

Part of my goal with Firefly Photography has always been to go above and beyond what is "expected" or "ordinary." I want to use this business to reach people in a special way, to make them feel valued, respected, and important--because they are! I want to provide people with a true product and service that reflects the beautiful moments I'm called to capture with quality and care. Part of that experience comes in the form of the "reveal session.

Every Gold and Newborn session also includes a personal reveal session. 

You may see that and think,

SWEET. But what does that mean?


In short, it means that I believe in a full service experience for photography. I believe that simply handing you a disc of your digital images and leaving you to figure out what to with them is unfair. It can be an overwhelming task!

You are busy. You have a life. You have priorities and responsibilities. I can almost guarantee those pictures would sit in their digital abyss for months, maybe years, maybe forever without ever really being enjoyed again.

If you do end up tackling the job, it's a long and drawn out process to decide where to print, or to organize a book, or to go pick out frames then print the pictures then try to figure out where to hang them and how to arrange them.

Has that ever happened to you!?

It takes away the joy!

Instead, we set up a reveal session. 


At your photo shoot, we schedule your reveal session at my home office to take place as soon as one week later.

1. It usually takes place in the evenings when everyone involved can be present (or little ones in bed asleep!). Grab a glass of wine, maybe a steaming cup of tea, and snack on a little homemade treat from yours truly while we watch a slideshow of your final, fully edited gallery.

Tears, smiles, laughs, and commentary all welcome. 

2. After we've seen all the images, we go through them individually and rate each one with a star system to narrow down your favorites. There are usually anywhere from 40-70 images in a final gallery, so this makes choosing products much more manageable.

3. I have samples of all the products I offer so you can touch and see the color, quality, and uniqueness in each one.

4. I also have a handy tool that allows us to take pictures of the walls of your home and insert your images into different arrangements and collections of varying sizes to determine what would look best and where. It makes such a difference to know what it's going to look like before you buy! 


One important thing to note here is that yes this it the opportunity to purchase products, but by no means do I consider myself a "salesperson."

I do consider it my job to help you with this final piece of the puzzle-- printing the images you've paid for in a manner that will showcase them in their best light-- by offering suggestions, helping you navigate decisions, and answering questions about size, arrangement, and options. This is way easier to do in person than via a million emails because all you have is an online gallery. 

Instead of you sitting by yourself sorting and trying to make decisions for 10 other people, walking away when the phone rings and coming back to it in 3 days, trying to design a photo book while keeping a corner eye out for your toddler trying to climb the bookshelf.... we spend a concentrated hour doing it together, enjoying your photos, and making decisions you can feel excited about.

Like the friend who tells you if those pants are too tight, I'm there to tell you if that arrangement looks too busy or that print is too small for the space.

At the same time, I never push or peddle larger, more, or unnecessary. Everything I offer I love and I want you to love what you choose. I want you to leave this session feeling excited about your purchases and have good vibes every time you walk by them in your home. 

5. Once we wrap up all your choices and you've paid for your products, I go home to prep and order your final designs. I send the final order to my professional lab and about 2 weeks later, your custom artwork will arrive, ready to hang and love on a daily basis! 

All in all, my clients rave that it's an efficient and pleasant use of their time, energy, and finances. Many of them have never experienced this stage in the process for photography.

Many didn't even recognize it was something they wanted or an option that existed.

That's because the "standard" experience for today's portrait photography session is shoot and burn. In a digital society, that's what people have come to expect and think they want. But Firefly is different. It was made to serve people who want the artwork but don't know where to start, for the people who have hundreds of digital files sitting idly on their computers and hardly any on their walls, for the people who appreciate an extra level of care when it comes to images of a special season of life.

If you are one of those people, we need to talk. :-) 

Contact me to book your session and get the full experience!