Why I Specialize (in something other than weddings)

Whenever I say "I'm a photographer," 9 times out of 10 the immediate response I get is, "oh, do you do weddings?"

It's a legitimate response, considering that people will always be getting married, wanting beautiful photographs of the day, and willing to pay for quality coverage of every once-in-a-lifetime detail. From a business perspective, if you're going to jump on the risky bandwagon of an art-focussed career, wedding photography is probably one of the more profitable. So why did I choose otherwise? 

First, let's clarify:

I want to be clear that I am in absolutely no way bashing wedding photographers with this post! I respect and admire photographers in all industries for honing the varying areas of expertise required in their genres. Whether it's commercial, newborn, fashion, food, real estate, family, or any other field, photographers need special training and abilities to succeed. Weddings just happen to be what the mind instinctively jumps to whenever one mentions photography. 

Let's be honest, everyone has a camera today so if being a photographer were just a matter of pointing and clicking at any and everything, it wouldn't even count as a profession. But it is a profession- one that has supply and demand, can be profitable, and can be competitive. I think it's important to highlight the fact that photography (as a full-time profession) is not a 'one size fits all' model.

For those of you who watch Modern Family, it's like the episode where just because Mitchell works in environmental law doesn't mean he's quite cut out for all matters of legal trouble.

Just because someone is a 'doctor' doesn't mean you should go to them to fix your broken leg, give you medicine for your flu, and perform your lung transplant.

Ok you caught me, YES there are always exceptions to the rule...

In the beginning...

When I lived in Hawaii, I was fortunate enough to assist on several high-profile weddings with a well-established photographer who showed me the ropes and let me glimpse behind the scenes of her workflow. I also assisted a few smaller ceremonies, beach vow renewals, and eventually even booked a few of my own wedding clients. As much as I love weddings, the excitement surrounding them, and the vision of love in general, my experience behind the lens only proved to me how vastly different the lifestyle of photographers can be depending on their specialty. 

It's not just weddings, either.

I worked with photographers who shot kids’ birthday parties, who were commissioned for business headshots, and some who worked with fashion models for editorials. They all require a different personality, business approach, skill set, time commitment, and shooting style. 

But I had to ask myself:

What kind of impression do I want to make? Who do I want to work with? What would I like to come from this job? How will this effect the people around me & the people I love?

My own answers have led to me to specialize specifically and exclusively on families and children.


Bottom Line

So no, I don't focus on weddings. I also don't focus on shooting beautifully plated cuisine or rock concerts or car shows.

There are people who do all of those things very well. I could be one of them if I wanted to. Instead, I choose to become excellent at something I love, rather than survive on lots of different things I can manage. 


Your Turn: 

Have you ever had to make a hard decision about the direction of your career? What questions guided your choice? How were you influenced by others in your industry? I'd love to have a conversation- just leave your thoughts in the comments below or send me an email